Two years ago in TreeHugger: Hot Stuff


It seems like only yesterday we were discussing how far Cradle to Cradle has come; two years ago this week they announced their first six approved products: two chairs, three fabrics and a concrete additive. Justin was hot for corn and wood pellet stoves, radiant floors and cool roofs, and our post of the week on Cameron Sinclair: He won the TED prize. We learned about "eco-driving":

• Maintain engine speeds between 1200 — 3000 rotations per minute (RPM);
• Change to higher gears between 2000 — 2500 RPM, and drive in top gears at lower speeds — the so-called "50 in 4th gear" driving style;
• Try to anticipate more to avoid strong accelerations, decelerations, overtaking or aggressive driving;
• Driving at speed limits and avoiding high speeds;
• Add 10% to standard tyre pressure;
• Avoid using the air condition, or set at temperatures above 21°C;
• Use your bike for short trips — starting your car when it is 'cold' uses 300% more fuel." ::More