Two Years Ago In TreeHugger: Holiday Stats, The Ampere Strikes Back

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Number of people injured by fireworks in 2006: 9,200
Dollar amount of fireworks imported to the US from China in 2006: 212 million
Dollar amount of American flags imported into the US from China in 2006: 5 million

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The demand for high tech gadgets is cancelling out attempts to lower carbon emissions, according to a fantastically named report - The Ampere Strikes Back, by the Energy Saving Trust.

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1. It ain't green to ignore perfectly good homes.
2. It ain't green to build massive homes.
3. It ain't green to encourage urban sprawl.
4. It ain't green to build as if space for homes has nothing to do with transportation.
5. It ain't green to ignore advantages of multi-family homes.
6. It ain't green to pretend that there is no advantage to building underground.
7. It ain't green to not know what the word "green" means.
8. It ain't green to protect the environment with one hand while destroying it with the other.
9. It ain't green to build homes that will not outlast our grandchildren.
10. Voluntary green ain't green.

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