Two Years Ago In TreeHugger: Eco-fleece Hoodies and LED Pillows

Oh, and bamboo bedframes and recycled dolls. At exactly the same time, the world is reeling from images of the American south, a flooded New Orleans, a devastated Gulf Coast, an environmental disaster of unprecedented scale. In TreeHugger? Back to work Dresswear and bio-diesel fueled coffee roasters.

Knowing what was going on in America two years ago this week, TreeHugger's content of two years ago looks frivolous. We didn't know how to deal with Katrina; we had green lifestyle coverage down pat but couldn't cope with the real news.

We still do the lifestyle bit, probably give far too much space to $ 100,000 Tesla roadsters, and Paris Hilton was seen in TreeHugger twice this week. But in those thirty posts per day we now also try to act as a filter of important news and a generator of original content, expertise and opinion. Lifestyle is no longer about bamboo shirts; it is about how we will have to adapt to live in a changing world, and what we have to do individually and collectively to minimize that change.

We wouldn't let Katrina pass unnoticed today. I, and I think all of TreeHugger, apologize for doing it then.