Two Years Ago In TreeHugger: Do it Yourself


Ruben noted "no one knows how to do anything anymore. We can’t understand, let alone repair, most of the gadgets we use everyday. We increasingly eat packaged and pre-prepared food; even organic food often comes wrapped in plastic. We don’t know how to grow tomatoes, can peaches, hem pants, or build fences." So he taught us how to make soap without blowing ourselves up. Kelly did her first recipe, an herbal remedy for hangovers, and got her first comment, "Why is this on TreeHugger?. I called the ipod nano the green product of the year and the commenters noted "I'm surprised that anyone literate enough to use a computer can be so short-sighted as to think the environmental cost of an object is measured by its size." Two guys put a sofa on wheels and toured eastern Canada on it.

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