Two Years Ago in TreeHugger


The housing industry was booming, and Toll Brothers, a large farmer of McMansions, planted eighty thousand. How things have changed! We learned that cigarette butts never degrade, leach cadmium, lead and arsenic, and create 500,000 tonnes of pollution per year. We first met Chris Jordan, (interviewed at pop!tech just two days ago) with his earlier show, Intolerable Beauty. We were so gaga about a new Honda fuel cell car that we did two posts on it. And where is it? Still waiting. The car manufacturers also promised the end of spark plugs; Still waiting. Colorado won the Solar Decathlon for the second time in a row. No threepeat for them! Then Warren spoiled it all by celebrating his 500th post with a description of his TreeHugger lifestyle that made all the rest of us look like poseurs. Still does.