TreeHugger's Most Popular Stories of the Week

girls on bikes Scout Niblett photo

Curious what TreeHugger readers found the most interesting this week? Was it a man melting into the sidewalk, girls on bikes, home wind turbines or something else? Click through to the full article to find out!

red cross argentina melting man photo
Photo: Red Cross of Argentina
Cool Eco-Campaign: Climate Change Melts Man in Buenos Aires was the most popular story of the week! Readers from social media sites StumbleUpon and Propeller really liked this story, which helped make it the most popular. If you're not a user of those sites, consider joining. They are neat ways to learn about new stories and you can share any TreeHugger article you like for other users of those sites to see.

girls on bikes ellen page photo

Our Favorite Girls on Bikes: Celebrities Take Their Trusty Bikes Out For A Spin was very popular, as well. Actress Ellen Page is in the picture above. Check out our full gallery to see the rest of our Girls on Bikes.

electric bike world tour PHOTO

A Resolution for 2009: Around the World in an Electric Bike was the top story on Friday and popular on, one of the top social media sites. As well as StumbleUpon and others, Digg is a great site to participate on, as it allows you to discover and share important stories like this one.

photo: The Guardian
World’s Fastest Electric Superbike: 125 MPH & No Carbon Emissions was also a popular story on Digg. While the bike isn’t commercially available yet, it got our speed-junkie readers' hearts racing with the news that it can do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 125 mph!

energy ball wind turbine photo

photo: Home Energy
Hot Home Wind Turbines You Can Actually Buy, Plus One You Wish You Could showed us a number of cool home wind turbines currently on the market. If you think you'd like to invest in one, that's a great place to look for ideas.

MICHELIN Active Wheel image

Image: Michelin
Michelin Unveils Active Wheel in Affordable Electric Car sure got people talking. Click thru to read that full post and the comments that followed as readers discussed this new implementation of the active wheel technology.

geek gift guide header image

Photo via Randy Son of Robert

And last but not least, our Holiday Gift Guide for the Green Geek was one of our most popular stories of the week. Be sure to check that out if you have any green gadget lovers on your gift list. And take a look at all of our Holiday Gift Guides for tips on gifts for DIYers, outdoors enthusiasts, or people with young children - WeeHuggers, as we like to call them - just to name a few.