TreeHugger's Gifts for Valentine's Day


You have just a few more days to find that perfect gift to celebrate those you love! We've put together a round-up of our favorite things from this past year that we've featured. And although there's been some controversy around the day, we still think you should have a (green) heart and add a little romance in your life. For more ideas, visit our feature from last year, "50 Ways to Please Your Lover," and don't forget to check out TreeHugger's "How to Green Your Gifts."What's Valentine's Day without the flowers? Instead of paying lots of money for the ones at your local florist, put the money towards an Organic Bouquet instead. Another idea that we dig is to visit a local flower farm or greenhouse in your area and, of course the best option is to plant flowers for your sweetie. Give a Bloomin' Flower Card and watch the flowers grow together. You both will enjoy them much longer.

Another Valentine's staple is chocolate. Before you purchase it, get to know the truth about it. Favorites that we've included on TreeHugger recently are Plamil, Green & Black's , Vere and Lillie Belle Farms. If you're looking for a gift box that includes chocolate, look into Global Exchange's Fair Trade Valentine's Day package or the Groovy Mind's Valentine's Day Secret Admirer Gift Box. Surprise your darling by baking a Chocolate Souffle Cake — we guarantee there won't be disappointment.

If you're planning to surprise your Valentine with some romance, check out the bamboo breakfast tray and bamboo bath caddy for two. The luxurious bathrobe would make a perfect accompaniment as well as a relaxing lavender eye pillow. If you really want to get personal, check out our How to Green Women's Care for the dish on all natural bath and beauty products.

Planning to spice it up? Set the mood with soy candles from Dzign or ones made from beeswax from Luxe for Et al Designs. Both are soot-free and non-toxic and their relaxing scents are sure to cozy up your love nest. Give her the gift of lingerie from g=9.8 and turn up the heat with some sustainable sex toys (pss don't forget Sylk's all-natural lubricant).

If you're spending the special day away from home on an eco-vacation, check out sites like Local Harvest and support local restaurants in the area. See our top picks for travel and don't forget to offset your carbon emissions through a company like Terrapass.

For those of you single for this day of affection, check out our post about EcoSexuals and the world of "green" dating. And if you're really looking for love, there's nothing better than giving back to the earth. Check out how to give the gift of green and plant a tree!