TreeHugger's 30 Most Popular Posts of November

edouard martinet junk sculpture photo

Photo: Amazing Scrap Sculptures Of Wildlife By Edouard Martinet

These beautiful robot fish sculptures by French artist Edouard Martinet were just one of our 30 most popular posts of November. The other 29 are after the jump. We know you work hard and don't have time to see every single post we publish, so now you can kick back and see some of the best of what you might of missed. Enjoy!

1. Photographic Evidence Proves That Squid Can Fly

2. Super Summer Project: Two Young Designers, One Idea A Day

3. Stirling Engine Made with Soda Cans Spins to 860 RPM (Video)

4. Vending Machine Grows 20,000 Heads of Lettuce a Year Without Sunlight

5. 9 Everyday Products You Didn't Know Had Animal Ingredients

6. Look Ma, No Solder: Amazing Scrap Sculptures Of Wildlife By Edouard Martinet (Photos)

7. Rich Vail Fund Manager Hits Cyclist And Runs, Gets Off Because Charges Might "Jeopardize His Job"

8. Trippy Bowls Inspired By Spiders On Drugs

9. 6 Meat-Based Beverages Sure to Make You Queasy

10. Hidden Webcam Exposes Chicken Cruelty 24 Hours a Day

11. Cogenra's 'Hybrid' Solar System Captures 80% of the Sun's Energy to Generates Electricity and Hot Water

12. The True Size of Africa Continued: The Mercator Wars

13. Dog Plays With His Dolphin Friend... Every Day (Video)

14. The 'Impact Earth!' Asteroid Impact Catastrophe Simulator has Been Updated

15. World's Smallest Solar-Powered Movie House Seats 8

16. Bear Chases Bison Down Road in Yellowstone (Video)

17. Happy Meals Banned in San Francisco

18. Robo-Deer Protects Innocent Wildlife From Poachers

19. French Artist Turns 'Garbage With Talent' Into Beautiful Lighting (Photos)

20. 50% of the New Congressmen Deny Climate Change

21. Big Trees May Make Communities Safer, Says Study

22. Weekday Vegetarian: 9 Thanksgiving Recipes, Tried and Tasted

23. Toads with Big Noses, Fiery Eyes, and More Discovered in Colombia (Photos)

24. Whale Saved 10 Years Ago Reunites With Rescuers

25. Man to Travel 200 Miles in Solar-Powered Wheelchair

26. Self-Destructing Bacteria Heals Cracked Concrete

27. First 3D-Printed Car Hits The Road

28. What if a Country's Population Determined Its Size?

29. How Loud is a Wind Turbine? (Infographic)

30. Illinois Spending $2M to Ship Asian Carp Back to China
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