TreeHugger's 2007 Gift Guide


Ring the bells! Pop the (organic) champagne! TreeHugger's 2007 Gift Guide is here!

We've made this guide the most comprehensive yet, with 180+ gift ideas in three shades of green, making it a perfect reference while shopping for everyone on your gift list. In addition, we'll be adding organizations to support and useful tips for making your holidays more efficient.

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For more great ideas, don't forget to visit our past guides from 2006 and 2005.

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Oceana Cookie Cutters

Adopting one of Oceana's 16 critters is a great gift for chefs of all ages. Not only will you be assisting ocean animals that need your help, but your gift recipient can receive their choice of cookie cutters, an official adoption certificate, facts on ocean creatures and a sugar cookie recipe. Product Link

Glass Storage Containers

Storage containers might not be on everyone's wish list, but they certainly are a kitchen essential. Opt for glass ones since they can go from fridge to microwave without leaching chemicals like the harmful plastic ones. TH Link Product Link

Glass Method Home for the Holidays Kit

For those that still might not have made the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products (yes, we know who you are), here's the perfect time to introduce them to Method. Their 5-piece Home for the Holidays Kit will surely inspire. TH Link Product Link

The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters

Every cook will appreciate The Art of Simple Food by acclaimed chef Alice Waters. In her first book, written for the home cook, Water delivers notes, advice and recipes making it a perfect primer for beginners or a season chef who wants to return to the basics. TH Link Product Link

Rare Hawaiian White Honey

Mmmm...honey. Whether it's added to tea or a recipe, honey is always a great alternative to sugar. This Rare Hawaiian White Honey, yes white, is from Volcano Island in Hawaii. It's organic, so no toxic materials are used at any point in its husbandry, harvest or production. Additionally, they never feed sugar to their bee colonies. TH Link Product Link

Organic Cheese Club or Organic Wine Club

We are big fans of Cowgirl Creamery and we're sure your epicurean will be as well. For a gift that keeps giving all year long, sign them up for a subscription to Cowgirl Creamery's organic cheese club. Take it a step further and add a subscription to an organic wine club as well. TH Link (Cheese) Product Link (Cheese) TH Link (Wine) Product Link (Wine)


Preserve Colander, Cutting Boards and Storage

From the folks that brought us toothbrushes and razors, Recycline is now venturing into kitchenware with colanders, storage containers and cutting boards. We previewed the new Preserve Kitchen line and were impressed. Just as their other products, Preserve Kitchen's are made with 100% recycled #5 plastic. Product Link

Candy Wrapper Placemats from Ecoist

Almost every chef is an entertainer and these placemats from Ecoist are just the perfect accessory to any table. Made from glittery recycled candy wrappers, soda bottles and food packages the placements are fairly traded from Mexico. For extra funk, add the matching coasters and napkin holders. Product Link


Gift Certificates to Restaurants

One of the best gifts a chef can get is a night off from cooking. Do some research and get them a gift certificate to one of their favorite, local restaurants. As an added bonus, contact the restaurant and ask if they use local and/or organic ingredients, such as Paul Newman's (shown here). TH Link

Bamboo Breakfast Tray

Ah, breakfast in bed. Surprise your epicurean with a delicious meal to start their day, served on this Bamboo Breakfast Tray. It has collapsible legs that fold under and lock for easy storage. TH Link

The Little Pearl's Sustainable Caviar

When holiday season comes around, many enjoy the delicacy of caviar. Educate the caviar-lover on your list by purchasing them sustainably-harvested eggs from The Little Pearl. Not only will they feel better about what they are eating but exquisite quality will have them wanting more. Product Link


Think "home recycling center" with the Ecopod. This gadget is a great gift for just about anyone. It contains a compactor, and provides an efficient way to crush, store and redeem recyclable beverage containers, specifically plastic bottles and aluminum cans. TH Link Product Link

Rent Mother Nature Leases

Give a chef the farm they always wanted! Rent Mother Nature has a network of farmers, dedicated to sustainable agriculture. As their crops nurture, informative newsletters are sent to your recipients -keeping them up-to-date about the harvest season. The fresh harvest is then delivered to your gift recipient's door. Product Page

Epicurean Essentials

These Epicurean Essentials from Bart Delicatessen will become a staple in every chef's kitchen long after you've given them their first set. The organic flavors are a perfect spice for all dishes and they are nicely presented in a natural Abaca pouch. Product Link

The Stream Garden

It's an absolute joy to have fresh herbs all year round and this personal hydroponic Stream Garden assists in doing so. The tank system doesn't require earth, just water, organic fertilizer and an electric pump. TH Link Product Link

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Restored 700 Series Phone

Whether they are into retro-style or have a special fondness for the time when phones were simply a means of communication, your giftee will appreciate the reclaimed beauty of this restored 700 Series Phones. Product Page


Baseball "Diamond" Earrings

Hit one out of the park with this cute and stylish Baseball "Diamond" Earrings made of wood or plastic material salvaged from the seats of famous ballparks, including Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field/Tiger Stadium. TH Link Product Link

Book of Lights

Kids of all ages will delight in the the beauty of this popup Book of Lights. Watch a lovely lamp emerge from the pages of this cleverly designed book (lamplight is an LED). TH Link Product Link


Chess Set

Check your mate-with-everything when you give them this beautiful chess set made from reclaimed auto parts: queens made from screws, cogs and bearings; bishops shaped from sparkplugs; and a board made from a metal sheet and bendix caps taken from a car's electrical system. Product Page


Native Energy Greeting Cards

Send a greeting card with tons of cool benefits. Each of the cards from Native Energy helps fight global warming by either building new wind turbines or a renewable methane generator on a family farm. Product Page


Apple Tree To Be Kit

In addition to his early eco-fashion sense, Johnny Appleseed pioneered the art of tree hugging. Honor his legacy and give your loved one the opportunity to grow one of nature's most delicious treats with the Apple Tree To Be Kit. Product Page


Spa Gift Certificates

Whether your one who has everything is replete with earthly goods or enjoys a more spiritual satisfaction, your gift of a treatment from a green spa will be well-appreciated. A few of our favorites include: Koru Eco Spa (Product Link), Osmosis Day Spa (Product Link), and Natural Body Spa and Shoppe (TH Link and Product Link).

iTunes Gift Certificate

Before you head to the music store to purchase a CD, consider a gift certificate to iTunes. Not only does it save you a trip but you won't be purchasing one of those nasty jewel cases that can't be recycled. Product Page

Geolopes Gift Packs

Whether your giftee is a geography fanatic or likes unique things, these Geolopes Gift Packs are pretty cool. Made from outdated government surplus topographic maps published by various U.S. and Canadian government mapping agencies, the set comes with both envelopes and stationary. Product Page

Terra Grass Chair

We are nearly, absolutely, positively certain that the one with everything on your list still doesn't have one of these Grass Chairs. It has an easy DIY design with very little maintenance. Assemble it and watch it grow. TH Link Product Link


It's hard to find, let alone remember to turn off and unplug, all of the electronics when living in 10,000 square foot McMansion. Make it easy for your someone with everything to kill the phantom load with GreenSwitch. TH Link Product Link


CSA Membership

Purple Cape cauliflower, Striped Toga eggplant, Bloody Butcher tomato, Chocolate Beauty pepper...who wouldn't love a weekly box of lyrical vegetables delivered via your gift of a CSA membership? Find a Community Supported Agriculture farm near you at Local Harvest. TH Link Product Link


Stuff: The Secret Life of Everyday Things

Your favorite person with everything probably has no idea why you roll your eyes and sigh every time you catch them flipping through the latest Pottery Barn catalog. Explain yourself by giving them Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things. TH Link Product Link

The Wattson Monitor

Here's a little food for thought in the form of a nifty gizmo. The Wattson energy monitor not only tells you how much energy your appliances are consuming, it also calculates the potential for saving if you use more efficient lighting and appliances. TH Link Product Link

Plant a Tree in Southern California with TreePeople

Make a donation to TreePeople in the name of your giftee. TreePeople has recently established a Wildfire Re-leaf fund to accept donations for the October 2007 wildfires. Donations will go towards fire restoration in mountain areas as well as park woodlands and wilderness areas. TH Link Product Link

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Organic Chef at Play Kid's Apron

Start them young in the kitchen. With the Organic Chef at Play Kid's Apron, they'll help you cook up tasty organic meals and while keeping those clothes clean. Product Page

Respect Our Earth Video Game

Like it or not, chances are that your kid's holiday will not be complete without at least one video game. Make it one that will teach sapling huggers the importance of protecting the planet with Respect Our Earth. TH Link Product Link

The Lorax

Dr. Suess's The Lorax makes our gift list each year because we love it so much. Give this beloved classic that will remain in the family for generations. TH Link Product Link


Trapecolo Puzzle

Set a kid's imagination free with the Trapecolo Puzzle. This simple, brightly colored geometric puzzle is made of eco-friendly bamboo and provides endless possibilities. Product Page Full transparency: These are sold by our parent company. But we love 'em.

Holgate Toys

The classic wooden toymakers, Holgate, are now FSC certified. Easy to find and loved as a classic, these toys make a perfect green holiday gift for kids. Product Page

Kids Yoga Mat

Cultivate your tots inner-yogi with this eco-friendly yoga mat for kids from Lotuspad. They come in two sizes, depending on how old your yogi is, and are PVC-free and non-toxic. TH Link Product Link

HappyMais by Ecotoys

Who needs icky lead paint and petroleum product plastic to enjoy brightly colored toys that fuel the imagination? Biodegradable, nontoxic Happy Mais toys are fun, safe and offer almost endless possibilities for play. The company even makes a donation to the Earth Fund Association for every box they sell. TH Link Product Link


Children's Books from Eden Project

The green children's book The World Came To My Place Today (TH Link Product Link) teaches your little ones where everyday household items actually come from. In George Saves the World by Lunchtime (Product Link) the same cast of characters teaches kids how their actions, such as recycling, help make a difference for the planet.

Nest Furniture

Design-obsessed 'rents will be happy as hummingbirds with the gorgeous and eco-cool kids' furniture from Nest. The company incorporates organic cotton, water-based finishes and recycled materials. TH Link Product Link


Whale Faucet

With bottled water taking a beating for its un-healthful and un-eco properties, parents are re-introducing their kids to the miracles of tap water. Make it easier and more fun for kids to sip from the tap with a Whale Faucet. TH Link Product Link

Put On Your Shoes

Cyndi Lauper, Willie Nelson and Dr. John are just three of the artists that contribute tracks to Put On Your Green Shoes. Sing along as the artists make music about the fun of doing good deeds for the Earth. Product Link


Eco-Friendly Birdhouse Kit

Green building isn't just for humans! Have some construction fun with your favorite munchkin when you build this Eco Friendly Birdhouse Kit made of 100% recycled plastic from sources such as bags, soda bottles, milk jugs, and water bottles. Product Link


H-Racer Fuel Cell Car

When other toy cars poop out on antiquated AA battery technology, kids with the H-Racer will be ridin' in style as their fuel cell powered car zooms along on hydrogen. Kids can collect the hydrogen themselves from their own solar-powered fueling station. TH Link Product Link


Organic and All Natural Stuffed Animals

A baby's skin is said to be ten times thinner than an adults, so it more readily absorbs external chemicals. When shopping for snuggly stuffed toys, remember to look for ones that are made from organic fibers. TH Link

Send Your Kids to Camp

What can be more exciting than the Great Outdoors? Give the gift of summer camp and cultivate your children to becoming young naturalists. They will no doubt remember the experience for the rest of their life. Product Link

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World's Cutest Alarm Clock Onesie

Waking up at 4:30 am might not be so bad when you are stirred from slumber by the "world's cutest alarm clock." Made from sweatshop-free 100% organic cotton, this cute onesie is a great gift for any new parent. Product Link


Mimi the Sardine Apron

The Oeko-Tex-certified fabrics in this apron are coated with plastic-free, non-PVC acrylic so it's still very soft and water- and soil-resistant. When it gets really dirty, just toss it in the laundry. Product Link


Burt's Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit

Helping prove that good things do come in small packages, this delightful kit from Burt's Bees will help insure that Baby gets started going green from an early age. Product Link

Bamboo Baby Bath & Diaper Rash Rescue Kit

Diaper rash? Bamboo to the rescue! This soft and absorbent bamboo bath set includes a cute hooded towel and 5-pack of wash cloths, plus a certified organic, non-toxic and cruelty-free diaper rash rescue kit. Product Link

gogo Kidz Anti-Stroller

If hauling a stroller and a car seat seems like too much hassle, gogo Kidz offers a handy hardware-reducing alternative to transporting young ones. It mates with a whole bunch of different toddler car seats to give it wheels and a handle, turning your kid's seat into a mobile unit handy for trucking around airports and the mall. TH Link Product Link


Erbaviva Baby Gift Set

Baby Washbags, Organic Baby Oil and Baby Soap come together in this Erbaviva Baby Gift Set to help parents and youngsters be clean and green together. It combines therapeutic, organic essential oils and other organic goodies, to make these as pure and luxurious as any beauty products out there. TH Link Product Link

So Easy Baby Cookbook

Having a new baby is not "so easy," but at least preparing their food at home can be with this easy-to-follow, personalized guide to making baby food. It's fun, easy and convenient and your new parent only needs 30 minutes per week to do it. Product Link

Organic Wine

Even the most patient new parent will need to take a break and relax with a little vino every now and then. Organic wine can help avoid the dreaded scar of overindulgence -- a nasty hangover. TH Link Product Link

Homemade Baby Food

With a "texture for every tyke," every Homemade Baby dish is hand-prepared with certified organic foods and designed for the specific developmental stage the youngster is in, from 6 months to past the first year. Product Link


Infant Car Seat Cover

A great way to extend the life of a well-loved car seat (or make the new one a bit greener), this comfy, cozy, and tragically hip cover is meant to replace the ordinary or well-worn cover that Baby calls home a lot of the time. Plus, it's formaldehyde-free, so the little one can breathe easy. Product Link

EcoKids: Raising Kids Who Care About the Earth

To create a sustainable future, we've got to pass along every green-learning ideal we can; until a youngster is old enough to read TreeHugger for themselves (wink). This page turner will help get them started on the right foot. Product Link

Q Collection Junior Solare Crib

When it comes to combining rigorous sustainability standards with high-end design, you can't beat Q Collection. Crafted from locally-sourced wood, water-based, non-toxic, low or no VOC finish and a mattress support made from 100% recycled with no formaldehyde added plywood, Q's cribs are the first (and only, so far) in the world to be certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for low-VOC emissions. TH Link and Product Link

Stokke Trip Trapp "Growing" Chair

"Longevity" and "children's furniture" don't always go together, but Stokke's chair goes from small baby highchair, to a raised seat for toddlers, all the way up to an adult-style seat, so you won't have to trash the chair once the child is grown up. And they can take it with them when they go off to college. TH Link Product Link

Laptop Lunch System

It'll be time to start thinking about school lunches before they know it and when those days arrived, they can't go wrong with the Laptop Lunch. This ingenious idea helps ingrain healthy eating habits in kids from a young age, and helps reduce waste and needless packaging. TH Link Product Link


Orbit Infant System

Tackling the fundamental truth that children grow, this ingenious system creates a complete mobility system from three parts. The car seat docks into both the sturdy base and stroller so all that's needed is a few pieces of hardware to go from home to car to walk to car and back home again. Best of all, future Orbit seats will allow the kit to grow with the baby. Product Link

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Nellie's Dryer Balls

Laundry is usually at the top of everyone's to-do list and these make great stocking stuffers. Nellie's Dryer Balls are non-toxic and allergy-free. They reduce dryer time by 25 minutes and you can help someone kick the fabric softener habit. Product Page


Organic Levi's

We were ecstatic when we saw that the world's first blue jean company had gone organic. They've received great feedback so we're sure your fashion-lover will feel the same. TH Link Product Link

Corn Hangers

Hangers are a fashion essential. These corn hangers are a great gift for those who are trying to organize from a recent move or a college student newbie. TH Link Product Link

Patagonia Eco Rain Shell

One of our favorite clothing companies, Patagonia, has captured our hearts again with their new Eco Rain Shell. This fully weatherproof, fully recycled 2-layer jacket will make your fashionista look good, even walking the dog. Product Link


Smart Glass Jewelry

Smart Glass uses beer bottles and Coke bottles to design unique pieces. From necklaces to earrings, the styles are simple and easy-to-wear, making them a great gift. TH Link Product Link

Priti Nailpolish

Fashionista's love to accessorize with nailpolish, but finding a non-toxic brand can be challenging. Stuff a few bottles of Priti Polish in their stocking so they can buff, file and paint away. Product Link


Ekologic Sweater Scarves

Made from recycled pieces of cashmere from vintage sweaters, these Ekologic scarves will keep your trendsetter nice and toasty. Whether dressed up or dressed down, the multi-colored bands match every outfit. Product Link

Twice Shy Clothing

We love Twice Shy's tees and now that they've expanded their product line with even more organic apparel it's hard to choose just one piece. Screen printed with Twice Shy's signature design's, the new line is practical and versatile. TH Link Product Link

Arbor Belt Buckle

From the company that brought us eco-friendly snowboards and skateboards comes these cool belt buckles. Arbor's buckle's are all made using leftover wood veneer scraps from post-production. Product Link

BrittaWear Robes

Give the gift of relaxation with BrittaWear robes. Blending a mixture of organic sensibility with southern-California-island-feel, these robes keep you comfortable in style. TH Link Product Link

Stewart + Brown Cashmere Mittens

These cashmere mittens are the perfect gift for the cold months. Stewart + Brown is the sole company in North America that uses only Mongolian resources to produce its cashmere collection. By doing this, they provide nomadic Mongolian herders with the resources necessary to sustain their centuries old heritage. Product Page

Hemp Chuck Taylor's

After 60-some years of successfully selling the original basketball shoe, Converse is now making the classic in a hemp version. TH Link Product Link


Stella McCartney's Designs

Stella McCartney is the ultimate in eco-fashion and can now be found in popular department stores. From shoes to handbags to apparel, McCartney's designs are vegan and use materials derived from plants. TH Link Product Link

Sunglasses from iWood

These sunglasses scream sustainable style and we have no doubt that your fashionista will do the same when she opens these. Each pair is handcrafted and made from the highest quality wood that is sustainably harvested. TH Link Product Link


Floral Sweater Tote

Made from luxurious, recycled sweaters, this tote is large enough to hold a laptop, books and newspapers, in addition to everything else that gets stashed in a purse. Product Link

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Timbuk2 Hemp Messenger Bag

The perfect mobile office for toting files from boardroom to "all aboard," Timbuk2's rugged Hemp Messenger Bag comes with a waterproof non-PVC lining and tons of pockets.">TH Link Product Link

SIGG Timezones Bottle

If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium: This Swiss-made 0.6-liter water bottle by SIGG may not be able to cure jet lag, but the reusable container will help keep your favorite globetrotter hydrated no matter what timezone they're in. Also, it's completely recyclable. Product Link

Bucky Fuzzy Wuzzy Travel Pillow

REI's Bucky Fuzzy Wuzzy Travel Pillow cradles your head and neck in soft, downy comfort. A zippered inner liner allows the fullness of the pillow to be adjusted by removing some of its organic premium millet-hull filling. Product Link

Lovelydesign "I Miss You" Mail Set

Staying in touch while oceans apart has never been easier with Lovelydesign's recycled "I Miss You" Mail Set. Handmade in Vancouver, this one-of-a-kind stationery kit brings the personal back to letter writing. Product Link

HER Design Microsuede Laptop Bag

Protect your PC from accidental spills, scratches, and falls by cushioning it within HER Design's Eco Geeko quilted laptop sleeve, made from 100% U.S.-grown organic-cotton canvas, and dyed low-metal, low-sulfur, formaldehyde-free inks. For extra toteability (and style points), slip your precious cargo into a sleek, nature-inspired microsuede laptop messenger lined with recycled PET.Product Link

Saipua Travel Soaps

Replace those disposable thimbles of hotel bodywash with one of Saipua's moisturizing olive-oil-based Travel Soaps, instead. Wrapped in map paper and scented with essential oil blends--such as cedarwood with eucalyptus and mint, white grapefruit with bergamot, and clary sage with patchouli and dill--each bar of soap comes in a reusable drawstring bag so you can take it with you wherever you roam. Product Link

Organic Stress Release Tea

Road warriors can recover from the strain of travel by unwinding with a steaming mug of Sharon Hubbs-Kreft's Stress Relief Tea. The certified herbalist uses a blend of organically grown herbs to create a calming restorative for wracked nerves. Product Link

Planetary Designs Travel Mug

This line of stainless steel gear from Planetary Designs is based on the original travel French press, a brilliant idea that puts the press and the mug together into the same unit. It's especially useful for tea drinkers who might otherwise use teabags for every cup. TH Link Product Link

Eye Pillows from Love Forever

Ease your friend's red-eyed peepers with Love Forever's eye pillows. Filled with organic lavender and flaxseed, each pillow is made with scraps of vintage and reproduction cotton fabrics and the backs are pure silk so they are really soft and luxurious. TH Link

Ecosolution's Hemp Duffle

Made from 100% organic hemp and dyed with eco-friendly vegetable-based dyes, Ecosolution's Hemp Duffle is vegan-friendly, sweatshop-free, and completely biodegradable at the end of its life. For the complete caboodle, pair it with the matching toiletries bag. Product Link

Ethical Travel Guide

The Ethical Travel Guide lists over 300 places to visit in 60 different countries, so next time your jet-setter friend is on the road they'll surely appreciate this gift. For each country it lists places to stay and gives a brief explanation of the terrain, big cities, and major activities. TH Link Product Link

Gift Certificates for Outdoor Adventures

Whether the gift recipient on your list is jet-setting for pleasure or work, they'll love an outdoor adventure. From Manaca (TH Link Product Link) to Backroads (Product Link) to Mt. Sobek (Product Link), each trip allows its travelers to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors.


A TerraPass is a gift idea we'd recommend for anyone, but especially for those that are frequently on the road or in the sky. Help set a good example by purchasing a TerraPass in your friend's name. TH Link Product Link

VedaMAMA Body Cream for soothing muscles

When muscles need a good soothing after being cramped from hours of travel, your jet-setter will appreciate vedaMAMA's Body Cream. Cocoa butter moistures while peppermint, capsicum and arnica go to work to relieve sore muscles. Product Link

Patagonia's Wheeled Hemp Luggage

Wheeled luggage is one of the best inventions. Not is this Patagonia bag built to haul heavy loads, but it incorporate hemp into the design as well. Product Link

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