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We've expanded so much that we've had to add on!

Welcome to Part II of TreeHugger's 2007 Gift Guide! See Part I here and Part III here.

We've made this guide the most comprehensive yet, with 180+ gift ideas in three shades of green, making it a perfect reference while shopping for everyone on your gift list. In addition, we'll be adding organizations to support and useful tips for making your holidays more efficient.

For more great ideas, don't forget to visit our past guides from 2006 and 2005.

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Organic Gardening Kits

Even gardening novices can cultivate a more verdant thumb with one of these Organic Gardening Kits, which feature organically grown, GMO-free heirloom seeds in a soil-free growing mix. With the help of easy-to-follow instructions, herbs and flowers can grow indoors or out. Product Link

NakedBee Gardener's Gift Set

NakedBee's Gardener's Gift Set is a panacea to constant gardeners who labor under the sun. The small family-run apiary includes a bottle of hand lotion, a bottle of sweet-orange hand scrub with pumice, a stick of all-natural lemongrass insect repellent, a cake of castile honey soap, a pure beeswax candle in vcitronella, and an antiseptic moisturizing treatment balm. Product Link

Freshly Blended Gardening Notebook

Your garden lover will love the Freshly Blended Gardening Notebook, where they can record horticultural triumphs, trials, and tribulations. The notebooks are made using vintage, repurposed, and recycled materials in upstate New York. Product Link

Garden Tote Gift Set

This Garden Tote Gift Set packs a hand-stitched, reinforced jute garden tote with a pair of Foxglove Garden Gloves, a tub of Sunfeather Natural Soap Company's Gardener's Hand Cream, along with the U.S.-made CobraHead "universal garden tool." Plus, 5% of your purchase goes to a non-profit of your choice. Product Link

Hemp Garden Gloves

Just because your friend is digging in the dirt, doesn't mean that what they have on their hands isn't important. These hemp garden gloves are made without chemicals and will outlast the cotton gloves. Product Link

Bountea Compost Tea Brew Kit

Here's a different take on the garden tea party: The Bountea Compost Tea system brews a super-concentrated solution of billions of beneficial microbes and essential trace elements. Product Link

Terra-Notta Squeeze Pots

Resembling terracotta planters, these "flexible, squeezable, and even bounceable" Terra-Notta Squeeze Pots are made in the United States from a blend of plastic and 100% recycled rubber. Product Link

Recycled Plastic Compost Bin

Every gardener loves dark, rich compost that gives their soil the plant nutrition it needs. Give them a Recycled Plastic Compost bin and, instead of watching vegetable waste get trucked off to the landfill, they'll start composting instead. Product Link

Badger Healing Balm, Anti-Bug Balm, Sore Muscle Rub Balm

Soothe a variety of ills with Badger's Healing Balm, Anti-Bug Balm, and Sore Muscle Rub Balm, made from natural and organic botanicals and free of any synthetic-chemical nastiness. Now that's a relief. Product Link

Food Not Lawns by H.C. Flores

About 58 million Americans spend approximately $30 billion every year to maintain more than 23 million acres of purely ornamental lawn. The gardener on your gift list will love learning how to transform their yard into a paradise garden that supplies fresh, nourishing foods throughout the year. TH Link Product Link

Green Wisdom Plant Food

Think of this as Rescue Remedy for plants: Green Wisdom Plant Food supplies a hearty combo of certified-organic herbs to boost soil fertility, plant health, and even flowering. Each package contains 10 hemp tea bags. Product Link

Live Ladybugs

Biological pest control leverages natural predator-prey relationships to suppress pest populations, without the use of toxic pesticides or insecticides--vital for any organic garden. Aphids don't stand a chance with these who-ya-callin'-a-ladybugs. Product Link

Natural Gardening Company

There are few things horticultural aficionados enjoy more than poring over seed catalogs and planning next year's garden. Be an enabler (in the best possible sense of the word) and give them a gift certificate to Natural Gardening Company, the oldest certified organic nursery in the U.S. TH Link Product Link

BurnOut Weed Killer

Offer your favorite gardener a certain number of afternoons of weeding help, instead of a physical gift. Bring this BurnOut Weed Killer and, trust us, they'll appreciate nothing more than an extra pair of weed-yanking hands. Product Link

Rain Barrel

Help your friend or family member set up a rain barrel to conserve water and reduce storm runoff. Harvested rainwater can be used to water thirsty plants, especially during the hot summer months. Product Link

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Woof Paw Coir Mat

Stenciled with fade-resistant, eco-friendly dyes, the Woof Paw Coir Mat is made from 100% coir, a sustainable fiber derived from the husk and outer shell of coconuts. Plus, a portion of your purchase goes to the Humane Society of the United States. Product Link

PetSafe Cat Veranda

With PetSafe's Cat Veranda your cat can get the sights, sounds, and smells of the outdoors, without courting an untimely death or maiming small native wildlife. Product Link

Aster + Sage Catupon

Toss Aster & Sage's Catupon (or Dogupon, if you wish) on your pet's favorite perch for cushy lounging. The washable mat is made from recycled polyester/rayon fabric and padded with polyester batting. Product Link

Pooch Planet ComfyCorners

Your furry friends can take their 40 winks in WorldWise's ComyCorners pet beds, sized for dogs and cats, respectively. Filled with a fiber blend made from recycled soda bottles--15 per dog bed and 8 per cat bed--the overstuffed nests are perfect for snuggling into during the colder winter months. Product Link

Every Dog Has His Day Spa Gift Set

Give your pooch a dog day afternoon of pampering with Cain & Able's Every Dog Has Its Day Spa Shampoo & Spritz Gift Set. Completely natural and free from artificial colors and synthetic perfumes, all of the company's products are tested on humans first. Product Link

Heidi's Certified-Organic, Homemade Dog, Cat, and Horse Treats

Heidi's Homemade uses mostly local ingredients to bake up a storm of certified-organic dog, cat, and horse treats. Free from sugar, salt, artificial chemicals, fillers, and other dubious additives--and available in such flavors as oatmeal walnut and carob pumpkin--the tasty snacks have even our tails wagging. Product Link

Deborah Lindquist Recycled Cashmere Dog Sweater

Your posh pup can ward off the chill, while strutting around town, in one of Deborah Lindquist's luxuriously soft recycled-cashmere dog sweaters. Adorned with the designer's signature contrast appliques, all sweaters are made-to-order and absolutely one-of-a-kind. Product Link

Hemp/Corduroy Collars

Every feline or pooch needs a collar and these are perfect for the colder months. Made with 55% Hemp 45% certified organic cotton corduroy these collars are soft, durable and naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and odor absorbent. Product Link

Healing Salve for Pets and Humans

Blue Moon Lavender Farm's organic salve for pets and humans combines olive oil, beeswax, and a blend of essential oils to soothe skin. The salve is tested on and used daily by humans who love to garden and the pets who dig in them. Product Link

Wagg Taggs

Made from recycled silver, Wagg Tags can be engraved with your furry friend's name on the front and your contact info on the back. They are even packaged in a cute, reusable tin complete with a corn-based label. Product Link

SmartyKat Sweet Grass

Not only can you grow healthy catnip for your cat with SmartyKat Sweet Grass, but the packaging and plastic container is recyclable as well. Product Link

Donation to the ASPCA or Human Society

Your animal-loving friend will undoubtedly appreciate a donation to the ASPCA (Product Link) or The Humane Society (Product Link), in his or her name, to aid critters in need.

Adopt a Farm Animal

At Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to protecting farm animals from cruelty and neglect, you can sponsor a rescued chicken, piglet, goat, or cow. You'll receive an adoption certificate with a color photograph of your adoptee, an adoption card, as well as visitation rights. Product Link

Organic Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Your favorite dog will do back flips for this family-farmed raw meal, which includes organic chicken, ground organic chicken bone, organic chicken liver, and various organic vegetables and supplements.Product Link

Pete's Recycled Bird House

Provide a safe haven for local birds with a birdhouse crafted from wood salvaged from an old barn. Toss in some organic bird seed and you can look forward to a cacophony of bird songs in your backyard for years to come. Product Link

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Botanie Soap Herbal Soap Making Kit

The Botanie Herbal Soap Making Kit contains premeasured ingredients to help work up a lather, including instructions, base oils, lye, organic herbs and pure essential oils. Plus it comes with a CD loaded with templates for printing out labels. Product Link

Harmony Art

For those that love interior design, consider a gift certificate to Harmony Art. The plant-inspired, 100% organic fabric will make every DIYer excited to begin giving their home a new look. TH Link Product Link

Dry Hard-Shell Gourds for Crafting

Artists and crafters of all ages will love creating their own decorative gourd art. Carve a hole in a large gourd, brush on an eco-friendly sealant (such as SoyGuard), and string it up with hemp twine for an all-natural bird feeder or nest box. TH Link

Papermaking with Garden Plants and Common Weedsby Helen Hiebert

With illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to collect, harvest, and process plant fibers, this book will assist in making paper using both Western and Japanese techniques. Product Link

ReadyMade's How to Make [Almost] Anything

ReadyMade's How to Make [Almost] Anything is full of tips on how to turn miscellaneous leftover junk into cool, functional gear for home and life. From chopstick clocks to colander light sconces, your DIYer will be hard at work in their spare time. TH Link Product Link

Natural Dyes Seed Collection

The DIYer on your list will love this Natural Dyes Seed Collection that they can harvest from to create all-natural yarn and fabric dyes. This collection includes ten different seeds that equate to ten different colors. Product Link

Owen's Farm Adopt-a-Sheep

Adopt a Dorset ewe from Owen's Farm and your giftee will get seven seasonal visits, six farm updates, a journal and calendar, an invitation to Shearing Day, an adoption certificate, and an invitation to the farm's end-of-year sheep party. They'll even get the sheep's fleece, which the farm can process into roving, yarn or quilt batting. Product Link

Heirloom Organic Cotton Quilt Batting

Heirloom's 100% organic cotton batting can be quilted up to 4 inches apart, whether by hand or by machine. It averages 1/8-inch thick, is non-allerengenic and is available in crib, Queen, and King sizes. Product Link

Gift Certificate to Earth-Friendly Yarns

Whether its organic versions of familiar wool and cotton yarns, or something a little more exotic, such as recycled viscose from Indonesian sarongs or silk spun from banana leaves and stems, a gift certificate to Earth-Friendly Yarns won't disappoint. Product Link

Stationary Bike Blender Kit

For human-powered smoothies (or margaritas), DIYers can simply prop a bike up on a stationary bike trainer (not included), attach the universal rear rack, clamp on the blender and base unit, and let 'er rip. Product Link

Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Digital scrapbooking is gaining traction among the crafting community as a tree-friendly, waste-free way of creating gorgeous layouts and then sharing them online. Sign your scrapbooking buddy up for one of Scrap Girls kit-of-the-month clubs so they can give it a whirl. Product Link

E-Bike Kit

Not ready to purchase your giftee an electric scooter? Consider saving money and purchasing this E-Bike Kit. Not only does it allow for customization but, well, it makes going up hills a bit easier too. Product Link

DIY Solar Kit

For the DIYers who really know what they're doing, this Solar Kit for their home is a priceless gift. Buy them the basics and they can add on. TH Link Product Link

Herbal Medicine Making Kit

Aspiring herbalists seeking to build their own home herbal pharmacy should look no further. The Herbal Medicine Making Kit supplies that's needed to mix up herbal tinctures and salves, as well as a DVD containing a step-by-step manual and instructional video. Product Link

DIY Surfboard

For a totally awesome, eco-cool gift, consider a DIY Surfboard from Greenlight Surfboard Supply. The package includes everything; from EPS foam halves (less stinky VOCs than polyurethane), laminated bamboo stringers, a stretch bamboo glassing fabric, an 'eco-adhesive' glue, and a corn starch bio-plastic leash plug for the braided hemp leash. Oh and a video showing how it all comes together in your garage. TH Link Product Link

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Keen Nopo Gym Bag

Sewn from polyester ripstop, the Keen Nopo Gym Bag features a recycled polyester lining and a molded rubber bottom for some green cred. A hidden expansion zipper gives an extra 5 inches for cramming in sweats and tights, while a pass-through pocket secures a yoga mat. Product Link

Bamboo Yoga Blocks

Your yogi will ease into challenging poses and improve alignment with Bamboo Yoga Blocks. They are a natural alternative to synthetic foam blocks in addition to being lightweight yet durable. Product Link

Plank Towel Set

Made from 75% organic bamboo fiber and 25% organic cotton fiber, this Plank Towel Set from Design Public brings measure and wit to the "stiff world of yoga." Aside from bamboo's anti-bacterial qualities, they surely make a great accompaniment to yoga class. TH Link Product Link

Harmony Travel Mat

Yogis and yoginis on the constant move will appreciate a thinner and lighter yoga mat they can tuck into a suitcase for impromptu asana sessions in their hotel rooms. Made with biodegradable natural rubber, the Harmony Travel Mat offers a nonslip surface with enough traction even for the most rigorous of routines. Product Link

Ally Hoodie from PrAna

We at TreeHugger are fans of PrAna, so we're certain the yogi on your gift list will be also. This 100% organic cotton Ally Hoodie is the perfect essential to wear to and from class. Product Link

Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

Made from 100% organic cotton, this yoga strap helps to deepen stretches and a unique easy-release buckle holds the strap securely in place. Product Link

Asana Soy Candles

Your yoga friend can match their favorite yoga position with six Asana Soy Candles made from blends of soy wax, beeswax, and pure essential oils. Infused with exotic scents such as coconut citrus, chai, and sandlewood, the candles contain lead-free cotton wicks so you can get aromatic mood lighting sans toxins. Product Link

Again NYC Yoga Mat Bag

Made from repurposed fabric and a contrasting vintage men's tie, each bag also features a small zippered pocket perfect for stashing loose change and your Metro card, so the yoga fiend on your gift list can stretch, flex, and meditate unburdened. TH Link Product Link

Hemp Yoga Bolster

With stitched-in handles for toting around, the Hemp Yoga Bolster lends true support. Each hemp-covered bolster, available in both round and rectangular styles, comes stuffed with recycled cotton batting. Product Link

Yoga Blankets from In2Green

To create its recycled-cotton yoga blankets, In2Green knits vibrant designs directly into fabric made from salvaged pre-consumer fibers and clippings. The reclaimed fibers retain the color of the original garments, so no additional dyes are necessary. Product Link

Natural Cotton Meditation Cushion

A chemical-free cotton Zabuton (or meditation pillow) allows concentration on inner and outer poises, without adding a toxic burden. Stuffed with 100% cotton batting, this cushion provides a two-inch loft for contemplation in comfort. Product Link

Hip Tranquil Chick by Kimberly Wilson

Part yoga how-to guide, part self-help manual, Hip Tranquil Chick is a breezy read that dishes on how to care of yourself and your planet with passion and panache. Spiritual centering and physical toning optional. Product Link

Seagrass Meditation Chairs

Made with a mango wood frame (after 20 years the tree stops bearing fruit and can then be harvested for timber) and renewable seagrass, these meditation chairs from Harmony in Design sit low to the ground for feet to rest naturally on the floor, or they can be crossed comfortably on the seat in the traditional meditation style. TH Link Product Link

Vermont Soap Organics Yoga & Exercise Mat Cleaner

Keep yoga mats (and other accouterments) clean and hygienic with a yoga-mat wash, crafted from certified-organic vegetable oils and botanicals. Cruelty-, animal-byproduct-, and synthetic-chemical-free, the castile-soap-based formula works on all water-safe surfaces. Product Link

Simples Shoes

When going from yoga class to work or home, the yogi on your gift list will surely appreciate a pair of Simple Shoes. Made with organic cotton and linen with a bamboo lining, they are easy to slide on and off. Not to mention they are exceptionally comfortable as well. TH Link Product Link

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45 Nano Cases Cassette Covers

If your giftee secretly preferred cassette tapes to vinyl (but made the jump to digital music via the trusty iPod), then check out the 45 Nano Cases Cassette Cover. Built to fit 1st and 2nd generation iPod nanos, these devices help keep tunes safe, and create some new utility for the antiquated tapes; if you aren't going to listen to 'em, they might as well do something useful with your music, right? TH Link
Product Link

EcoSmart Laptop Bag

The EcoSmart Laptop Bag is sleek and reduces its environmental impact in each stage of the product's life cycle: in sourcing resources and manufacturing, reducing the use of resources and the production of waste in distribution and packaging and by helping recycle the product at its end of life, it's way smarter than the average bag. Product Link

Wooden Computer Keyboard Kit

A joy for the geek on your list, the Wooden Computer Keyboard kit allows the purchaser to cut the keys from a plank of wood and assemble the pieces themselves. It includes a USB keyboard base, a wooden plank with the beginnings of keys hard-carved into it, connectors for attaching the finished keys to the keyboard base, a saw, sandpaper and other tools. TH Link Product Link

BoGo Flashlight

With 8 hours of solar exposure netting 4 or 5 hours of light, the BoGo flashlight turns the old "solar-powered flashlight" joke on its head (though it works with regular batteries as well). For each light sold, they donate a second identical light to a non-profit for free distribution in the developing world. Product Link

LowePro Primus

This hard-working LowePro Primus camera bag has quite a story to tell: not only is it the first recycled photographic bag of its kind but each bag contains enough recycled material to equate to approximately 22 soda bottles. It also features the smart design that keeps your camera from turning to dust when you drop it.TH Link Product Link

Citizen Eco Drive Watch BM0190-54L

The perfect gift for someone who's always on the go, this suave Citizen Eco Drive Watch is water resistant to over 300 ft. Oh yeah, and it never needs a battery. Ever. Product Link

USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are great, except when they die at work, on the road, or somewhere else where you don't have your charger. Now, with the USB Cell's, if you have your computer, you have a charger. Work anywhere, charge on the go. Product Link

United Pepper's Ethical USB Peripherals

Your giftee won't forget these ethical peripherals; United Pepper's octoped 1.3 megapixel webcam, Lilli, and her starfish USB hub pal Oscar are made in an Oxfam-supported fairtrade workshop in Vietnam using sustainable materials like sand and paperboard to create their supercute forms. They're recyclable and will arrive happily at your doorstep in a 100% recycled package. Product Link

Earthtech Solar Laptop Charger

This Solar Laptop Charger combines a powerful 25-Watt Sunlinq Foldable Solar Panel with a 300-Watt Portable Power Inverter & Battery providing up to 300 Watts of output of portable electricity and backup power. This means it provides almost an entire day's work on the power of the sun. Product Link

Ecolibris (book geek)

For the book geek on your list, Eco-Libris helps readers to put something back for all their bookworm pleasures. They figure that 20 million trees meet their demise for each year of US book sales; to get those trees growing they've teamed with three conservation groups to keep the world's forests going strong. TH Link Product Link

Schwinn's Electric Bikes

The slickest and most smoothly integrated set of power-assisted two-wheelers we've ever seen, Schwinn's electric bikes employ lithium polymer batteries and in-hub motors to help get you on your way in battery-assisted style. TH Link Product Link

Discovery's Hydrocar

A suave upgrade to the hydrogen car we featured last year, Discovery's Hydrocar has a hydrogen fuel cell on board to turn water into hydrogen gas. An excellent showcase of a cleaner transportation future, we think this puppy will provide hours of entertainment for adults and kids alike. Product Link Full transparency: These are sold by our parent company. But we love 'em.

Digital Picture Frame

Insert any memory card and sit back and display one photo or watch a slideshow of favorite photos on this digital picture frame. By embracing digital technology and the digital photography revolution your tech-lover may never have to print another photo again. Product Link

HYmini Wind Power

Check out the HYmini for time when the sun don't shine. It's an honest-to-goodness wind-powered charger for the list of small consumer electronics like iPods and mp3 players, cell phones, PDAs and digital cameras. Strap it to your bike handles or stick it out the window as you drive down the road. TH Link Product Link

PowerCost Monitor

The PowerCost Monitor is a very handy little device that monitors your home's energy use in real time and tells you how much it's costing you. It makes it easy to see which appliances are sucking up the most electricity, and how you can save money by conserving. TH Link Product Link

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Recycled Snowboard Clock

You're outdoors enthusiast will never be late for the slopes again with this groovy clock made from a former snowboard deck. They sure look better on the bedside table than in a landfill. Product Link

Mountain Equipment Co-Op's PVC-free Personal Floatation Device

MEC is always smart about how they create their materials, and this suave life jacket is no exception; it's lighter, more buoyant, ages more slowly, and, probably best of all, more friendly to the environment than traditional PVC foams. TH LinkProduct Link

Tarma Designs' Bottle Opener and Hiker Pendant

Part of Tarma's special collection to benefit the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the bottle opener (Product Link) proves that it's okay for guys to have jewelry, too, while the pendant (Product Link) lets you ladies unleash your inner hiking goddess. With the sale of each item, Tarma will donate $1 to the ATC to help its volunteers maintain the 2,175-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail.

Recycled Sleeping Bag

Boasting 97% recycled content (the other 3% is the zipper), Big Agnes' sleeping bags help prove that you don't have to sacrifice outdoor performance for green performance in outdoor gear; we think you'll sleep tight with the knowledge that your bag is about as green as you can get. TH Link

Gear Rental Gift Certificate

Why buy when you can rent? Giving certificates for rental gear or other outdoorsy goodies that don't require you to actually buy "something" are a good, green way to go. Not to mention it's a great product service system. TH Link

Hand-Cranked Coffee Grinder

Made especially for traveling, this diminutive hand-crank grinder is perfect for tossing in your backpack to make fresh, electricity-free coffee on the trail. Keep it in your kitchen and you won't have to go without java if the power goes out. TH Link Product Link

Surf & Ski Waxes

Women Surf Wax (TH Link Product Link) can return safely to the ecosystem when its sliding days are done. For those who prefer snowy slopes to wet waves, Hillbilly Wax Works' (TH Link) eschews nasties like petroleum products in favor of "vegetable-based glycerides and natural polymers."

Planet Earth Board Shorts

These head-turning boardshorts have some pretty eye-opening green cred to go along with their surf/skate-inspired look: 55% hemp and 45% recycled plasic (PET) bottles go in to each pair, making them a cool green alternative for the skater, surfer or chilled-out on your list. Product Link

Hikers from Timberland

Timberland packs a wide variety in to their durable outdoor shoes, from the 100% recycled plastic shoelaces to hand-sewn construction that eliminates nasty glues and toxic adhesives and recycled rubber outsole. Your feet and the planet will thank you for these. TH Link Product Link

Mountainsmith Pack

Mountainsmith has seamlessly integrated recycled products into their classic lumbar pack, reducing the load on the landfill while maintaining a high level of performance, comfort and durability.Product Link

Patagonia and Body Glove Wetsuits

Both Body Glove (TH Link
Product Link) and Patagonia (Product Link
Product Link) boast some serious eco-cred with their clean, green wetsuits. Body Glove creates theirs from 100% petroleum-free materials which consume 1/10th the amount of energy normally used in the manufacturing of standard petroleum based wetsuits. Patagonia crunched the numbers and figured that their neoprene outer is made of 80% non-petroleum based ingredients, and the inner lining is a chloride-free merino wool grid bonded to recycled polyester.

Cannondale Jersey

Cannondale's LE Carbon Jersey is made using organic carbon particles collected from coconut shells. Not only does it traps odor so efficiently but it wicks away moisture to cool off quickly during a ride. Product Link

Nau Apparel

In just its first year in existence, Nau is working hard to change the way that outdoor apparel is designed, produced and perceived by the population at large. They employ materials like recycled polyester, organic cotton, and merino wool to create sassy garments that aren't the shapeless silhouettes one might usually expect from an outdoor firm. TH Link Product Link

Strida 5 Folding Bike

It's light enough to carry by yourself, small enough to take with you on the train or bus, and big enough to ride without feeling like you'll break it; the Strida 5 -- "the world's simplest folding bike" -- combines easy folding (in just 6 seconds!) with a smooth ride and solid components to create one of the most complete commuter bikes out there. TH Link and Product Link

Donation to a Worthy Outdoor-Loving Organization like Surfrider

Giving the gift of support can be one of the most meaningful (and green) tokens this holiday season. By supporting worthy causes who will leverage your charity to help save the planet, you'll feel good, your giftee will feel good, and the planet will profit, and you can't put a price tag on that. The Surfrider Foundation (TH Link Product Link) or Action Sports Environmental Coalition (TH Link Product Link) are to name a few.

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