TreeHugger Zeitgeist: The Top 10 Posts of 2007

So here it is, the zeitgeist of the year 2007- what were the most viewed stories of the year? What kept bringing 'em back? Sex.


1) How to Green Your Sex Life :Our how-to manual for green sex continues to arouse,‭ ‬month in and month out.‭ ‬Its statement‭ “ It might not be the first thing we think of while working towards a sustainable and graceful life on this fragile planet," is clearly wrong, the numbers indicate that sex is all we think of.

2) TreeHugger-Style Roller Coaster in Japan: It's Pedal Powered- the future of the green amusement park: a pedal-powered roller coaster. Get fit and scared at the same time.

3) 9W LED Bulb Replaces 70W Incandescent: I thought we were all getting tired of LEDs but a boring screw-in seventy buck bulb is the third most popular post on TreeHugger. This year back to LED cufflinks! LED showerheads! All LEDs all the time!


4) Use Electricity Wisely: Short post. Big response.

5) Being Nice to Cyclists in Toronto: Just a picture, but the comments say it all: "Awesome message. Made me all warm inside =)" "And this, also gives me faith in humanity." "That is about the sweetest, and nicest thing I've seen in a while."

6) Video: Amazing Commercial -- Can't tell you more Sorry, no spoilers. You'll have to watch it.

7) Colossal MagLev Wind Turbine Proposed: It's a monster photoshopped wind turbine! With a dead website! Vaporware of the year award, but new technologies are always a hit on TreeHugger. Even giant lampshades.

8) Under $3000: The Race To Build Really Cheap Cars : Crisis? What crisis? what the world needs is a lot more cars! Car posts get picked up everywhere and draw comments : "I don't know much about green but I like the price tag for sure"

9) Pablo Calculates the True Cost of Bottled Water and the numbers are staggering, as is the response. Poor Pablo was attacked from all sides and in the end had to revise his calculations, down from 26.88 litres to only 6.74 litres of water used for every single litre sold. Still huge, but oops.

10) Black Google Would Save750 Megawatt-Hours per Year if people still used CRTs. In February Mark said only 25% were still; I wonder what it is now? Great idea, five years late.

TreeHugger Zeitgeist: The Top 10 Posts of 2007
1) How to Green Your Sex Life :Our how-to manual for green sex continues to arouse,‭ ‬month in and month out.‭ ‬Its