TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Tony Bosworth

Tony Bosworth is a journalist, lecturer in media law, media consultant and green car nut. He’s written for UK newspapers The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Daily Star, Investors Chronicle, and Australia’s news weekly, The Bulletin. He’s the author of five motoring books.

Tony launched Which Car? magazine when he was 24 then spent the next 15 years swanning around in expensive cars and going on press trips to exotic locales. Eventually of course he grew up and realised there was more to life than speeding around in a red Ferrari in Monte Carlo (no really, there is...) and has since become something of an expert on alternative and green automotive technologies, as well as the cars and other vehicles they are increasingly used in.

Tony lives in Sydney, Australia in a suburb where pretty much everything is picked up for recycling, which is a super thing. He walks and cycles and swims, but he still loves cars, and one day he hopes to have a drive in a totally green Ferrari. Now that would be a thing of beauty.

Tony can also be found on (he means his comments are real tart...just in case you wondered).