Treehugger Welcomes Writer Kyeann Sayer

Because of her name, most people assume Kyeann (pronounced like "cayenne" pepper) descended from hippies. Actually, Mom and Dad met on the rodeo circuit, and hailed from ranch and farm backgrounds. Kyeann grew up on their horse farm on Colorado's front range, where throughout her childhood rural roads became paved and fields turned into mini-malls. The majestic flat irons, as well as lots of TV and fashion magazines, remained permanent landscape fixtures.

After spending time in Vermont and New York, Missoula, MT turned Kyeann into an environmentalist in her early 20s. There she became active in community toxins issues under the guidance of inspiring activists at Women's Voices for the Earth. Years later, as a graduate student in LA, she rediscovered a love of fashion and design after long living an anti-consumer and anti-media sort of life. emerged in 2003 as an effort to reconcile these eco- and aesthete selves. It variously functioned as an eco-decor service and eco-style resource until July, 2005.

Kyeann is now a nomad, using Missoula as a home base for travel. Soon she will finish an MA in Cultural Studies, focusing on how the cultural/identity-based aspects of grassroots environmental organizing can help or hinder communication about environmental issues. In addition to eco and design issues, Kyeann loves thinking about identity politics and radical democracy, eating well, and enduring as much travel, film, pop cultural silliness and "personal growth," as one person can. Kyeann can be reached at kyeann(at)treehugger(dot)com.