TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Jenna Watson

After leaving Sault Ste. Marie to gallivant about the world with a musical
troupe, Jenna returned to Canada to complete a Bachelor of Environmental
Studies where she spent five years trying to shake the hippy tag that is
stuck to the greenest faculty at Waterloo. She crossed the pond again
to spend an enlightening, yet rainy year doing her M.Sc. in environmental
assessment (EA) & management at Oxford Brookes

Although her passion is EA Jenna has spent the last four years working
mainly in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). She began at a small
Catalan consulting
, managing European and national projects, before breaking out into
the scary world of freelancing. Jenna is a partner in the Spanish eco-design
platform Good for Environment! and has
guest lectured at various Spanish universities on LCA and eco-design related

Jenna loves tending to her organic garden, building cozy fires, reading,
watching indie films, listening to records, learning Catalan, translating
ridiculously long hydrology reports, seeking out cool street art and
admiring the accomplishments of her friends. She lives in Barcelona with her
husband, Ricardo, and their plants.