TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg isn’t sure whether he’s a true Renaissance man, or just suffering from undiagnosed ADD. He does know, though, that since starting sustainablog in July, 2003, he’s become a passionate advocate for building a greener world. This former English professor and current professional web content writer finds no greater joy than when he’s scouting down the latest developments on sustainability in all its myriad forms: renewable energy development, organic agriculture, cradle to cradle design, green business… you get the picture. He also maintains Squidoo lenses on the green blogosphere and vermicomposting.

A native Southerner, Jeff grew up in Milton, Florida, and Lake Charles, Louisiana. After a sojourn into the desert (he attended graduate school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas), he’s settled into a semi-respectable life in St. Louis, Missouri, with his wife Jan, his three step-children, one dog and five (yes, five) cats. He enjoys long walks in the Missouri Botanical Gardens and Tower Grove Park (both just down the street from his 102-year-old house), spontaneous visits to ethnic restaurants (particularly Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines), Saturday afternoons on the couch with a good mystery novel, and long, unproductive visits to local coffee shops (that sell fairly-traded, organic java, of course).