TreeHugger Welcomes Writer Bill Stonehill

When Bill went to Japan 28 years ago for a "six month visit" he had no
idea that he would still be there to this day. Since the late 1960's
when he got his start writing for underground newspapers like the
Seattle Helix and the Berkeley Barb, he's been writing about the the
sustainability movement. His most recent gigs were with New Scientist
magazine and the Moorock News, where he wrote about science, the
environment and Japan. Bill has an engineering background, speaks
Japanese and Chinese, but concentrates on things Japanese. "Japan's
record on the Green Movement is pretty spotty" he writes, "Somethings
are really great here and some things are pretty dismal." Bill hopes
that by letting people know what's going on with the Green Movement in
Japan, they'll be able to see another side of Japan beyond the usual
post cards and technobabble. He can be reached at bill at treehugger dot com.