TreeHugger Welcomes Stephen Messenger!

Stephen is a writer and linguist residing in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Having spent his formative years in one of the most rapidly urbanizing areas in the United States, he was instilled early on with a profound appreciation of the environment and the urgency of finding solutions to the threats it faces. He holds a degree in linguistics and endeavors to discuss the challenges and solutions of the Green movement with the same principled, anthropological approach of this discipline. He honed his writing chops producing linguistics related columns, the likes of which have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and various other publications across the US.

Since relocating to Brazil, Stephen has been exposed to the unique challenges the country faces, like that of reconciling its ambitions as a rapidly developing nation with the cherishment of its natural resources. He is committed to exploring solutions to these and other issues for TreeHugger, from the perspective of one of the world's most burgeoning nations.