TreeHugger Welcomes Stephen Brooks!

Stephen Brooks grew up in North Miami, Florida and has been living in Punta Mona, Costa Rica since 1995. After an eye opening trip to Costa Rica, Stephen was inspired to make a positive impact on the planet and started Costa Rican Adventures,, an educational eco-tour company striving to raise environmental awareness. After identifying and enumerating the many environmental problems there, Stephen wanted to present possible solutions and in 1997 founded the Punta Mona Center for Sustainability and Education, In 2003, Stephen founded the Sustainable Solutions Caravan, a nonprofit organization promoting sustainable living by driving several buses running on recycled vegetable oil from San Francisco, California to Costa Rica. This led to the co-founding of the Conscious Goods Alliance. The "Veggie Bus" travels the country as an eco showroom featuring coconut floors, bamboo paneling, natural latex cushions covered in hemp, recycled paper countertops, an alcohol fueled stove and solar panels providing electricity.

In 2005 Stephen co-founded Kopali Organics, a company which sources and develops sustainable, organic products from small farm cooperatives around the world and is distributed through Whole Foods Market in the United States. Foods that are "Good for you, the farmer and the planet we all share", In 2006, Stephen envisioned and co-founded Kopali Communities, an ultra ecological developer and builder of planned communities in Costa Rica, Stephen's passion lies in seeking more sustainable ways to live our daily lives without compromising quality of life. Stephen traveled around the world in search of experiences in sustainable living culminating in the creation and hosting of "Edible Adventures" for the Travel Channel in 2006 and now he is the food field reporter for Planet Greens Daily news show G-Word.