TreeHugger Welcomes Marian Hopkins of the Business Roundtable

Marian Hopkins

Senior Director, Public Policy
Business Roundtable, Sustainable Growth Initiative

Marian Hopkins is a Senior Director of Public Policy at Business Roundtable coordinating efforts to identify and prioritize the Roundtable's policy objectives. Ms. Hopkins has managed and led, in her more than 17 years at Business Roundtable, legislative and lobbying activities on all major homeland security, technology, energy and environment issues pending before Congress.

Ms. Hopkins also manages the Sustainable Growth Initiative along with legislative and lobbying activities on all major Homeland Security, Technology and Environment issues pending before Congress. Additional areas of responsibility include energy, regulatory reform and antitrust issues.

Ms Hopkins manages legislative and lobbying activities on all major Prior to joining the Business Roundtable, Ms. Hopkins was the Director, Senate Liaison for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce where she developed comprehensive short and long term lobbying strategies on major issues of importance to the members of the Chamber. She also served as a Legislative Assistant, U.S. Senator S. I. Hayakawa (CA).