Treehugger Welcomes: Kristin Underwoood

Kristin hails from the great state of Texas. She received an undergraduate degree from American University with a double major in International Relations and Environmental Policy and recently completed her masters at Columbia University in Climate and Society, focusing on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Not satisfied to live anywhere too long, Kristin packed her posessions in the back of her car and headed into the great wide open (aka California) where she plans to install solar panels on every house on every street. Her past work experiences have included working as a deckhand, interning with Greenpeace and a three year stint at the US Environmental Protection Agency. Recently she helped Center for a New American Dream to develop the first guide for green in DC. Kristin enjoys swimming, volleyball, basketball, just about any sport or live music show for that matter, "playing" guitar, reading, volunteering and
enjoys finding the humor in life. Kristin has been with Treehugger since April 2006 and can be reached at kristin at treehugger dot com.