TreeHugger Welcomes Kimberley D. Mok

Hailing from the ever-growing (sub)urban sprawl of Toronto, Canada, Kimberley has had her fingers in many pies since childhood - ranging from comicking, journalism, marketing, to architecture, graphic design and now urban permaculture. After a bucolic interlude of higher education in Ithaca, NY and receiving a bachelor of architecture from Cornell University, she went on to soldier through a short stint in the concrete jungle of New York, working with two well-known sustainable design firms.

She has also lived and worked as an architect in Auroville, an experimental, "human-scaled" South Indian community striving for environmental, social, economic and spiritual sustainability. Thoroughly inspired by what she learned and experienced, Kimberley has since returned to Canada and now studies, works and resides in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, where the sight of someone cross-country skiing on the sidewalk during winter is a non-event.

Check out Kimberley's website here.