Treehugger Welcomes: Jess Root

When an eleven-year-old girl is dragged with her parents to Woodstock '94, the ending result is Jess. A free spirit who embraces love, peace, and happiness but who also refrains from the bad taste often associated with it (i.e., frumpy skirts, battered Birkenstocks, and tie-dyed wall tapestries) in which she was subjected to that rainy, muddy, and ecstasy riddled weekend.

When not blogging, she's busily co-directing Bodhisattva Yoga in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She aspires to crystallize the connection between sustainability, meditative-awareness and wellness through her yoga classes, community events and eco-sensitive retreats.

She contributes weekly here on Discovery Communications' and, has appeared in MSN, Budget Travel, E, the Environmental Magazine, and she has presented talks at The Tibet Center and the Rubin Museum of Art. She can be reached at