TreeHugger welcomes guest-blogger Greg Haegele

Greg Haegele directed the Sierra Club's Conservation Department from 2006 through early 2010. He passed away in April 2010.

Before coming to the organization in 2004, Greg was an organizer and directed a variety of progressive activist organizations. He also served as campaign or field manager for a number of gubernatorial, U.S. senate, and state and local electoral campaigns.

He attributed his love of the environment to many childhood summers spent with his grandparents in a small cabin on an island in British Columbia. There was no TV or radio and the days were spent "enjoying nature's beauty and bounty," as his grandfather would say.

Citing his first electoral campaign loss years ago (a bottle bill in Montana), Greg loved the challenge of figuring out how to combine being right and winning. He remained both daunted by and excited about finding solutions to one of the biggest challenges ever faced: global warming.