TreeHugger Welcomes Brian Merchant!

Brian Merchant is a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. He covers politics for TreeHugger, with a focus on climate and energy issues. He has written for Paste, Salon, GOOD, and the Huffington Post, among many others. He pens a column about getting Samy out of Burma. He's also the editor of the online magazine the Utopianist.

The more environmentalism enters public discourse, the more the 'go green' mantra is able to seriously impact big business and politics--and the more likely we are to see genuine change in environmental policy and developments in sustainable technologies.

This is why Brian is particularly interested in the social impacts of the modern environmental movement--and the people, media, governments, and organizations involved in the continued mainstreaming of green ideas.

Brian Merchant can be reached at brianmerchant (at) treehugger (dot) com. His website is