TreeHugger Welcomes Andrew Posner

Andy is an Environmental Studies masters student at Brown University
in Providence, Rhode Island. Originally from Los Angeles, California--
that bastion of malls and sprawl--Andy has lived in Spain, and
traveled extensively in Europe, North Africa and the United States.
After completing his B.A. in Spanish Language and Culture, Andy sowed
his wild oats by traveling 3,800 miles from Virginia to San Francisco--
by bicycle. When he isn't bicycling (or thinking about bicycling)
Andy can be found cramming his brain with the latest on sustainable
development, poverty alleviation, urban revitalization and social
entrepreneurship. His particular interest in transportation stems
from the fact that he hasn't driven an automobile in 5 years, during
which time he has had plenty of time to ponder the merits of various
means of providing mobility. While unwilling to hide his predilection
for two-wheeled human transport, he is always eager to study and
report on the latest, greenest trends and technologies in cars, buses,
trains, bicycles, scooters, etc.