TreeHugger Welcomes Alexis Botoya

Alexis has always been involved in environmental protection since the end of his studies. He graduated from a French engineering school (MSc in agronomy) and from the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, known as Sciences Po.

He is now managing a french think tank and thus working on a network gathering all the main stakeholders of sustainable consumption in France, focusing on new means to promote and develop sustainable lifestyles. The partners of the think tank are well known NGOs such as WWF or international organizations like UNEP.

Before, Alexis participated in the CO2 emissions report for a National Bank and he produced (with others) a report for UNESCO on public-private partnership within the framework of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. He has also worked for a year as a communication consultant on environmental matters.

Within the framework of his job, various congresses and personal interest, he has travelled to different countries, the United States, Canada, Trinidad&Tobago;, Thailand, Mexico and all across Europe.

Alexis is deeply committed in consciousness-raising on how to protect the planet in every-day life and is particularly interested in the role of medias in driving sustainability mainstream.

TreeHugger Welcomes Alexis Botoya
He is now managing a