TreeHugger Welcomes Alex Smith!

A New Englander by birth with a Californian spirit, Alex first realized her love of the great outdoors when she opted summer night after summer night to camp in her backyard instead of sleeping in her cozy kid bed. While in the tent, she'd often read over her Harriet the Spy inspired notes she'd taken all day, observing the people passing by the front bushes of her house. Years later, she can be found still loving nature and sending more official observations to the green blogs she freelances for.

Alex writes live from the "ecothusiastic" Bay Area, the motherland for all things green. When not writing she teaches yoga, plants edible gardens and dances in the city's bike-friendly, solar loving, plastic bag-free, compost crazy streets. Her eco-interests include local Bay Area news and food justice. She can be reached at alexsmith (at) treehugger (dot) com.