TreeHugger welcomes Alan Graham

Alan Graham started his Internet career in 1994. Since then he's been an entrepreneur, author, editor, and evangelist for a number of leading tech companies and publications.

Appeared in Macworld, MacAddict, and several O'Reilly books. Other appearances include Wired Magazine, The Jim Lehrer Newshour, CNET, Slashdot, The London Observer, Boing Boing, Lockergnome, Linux Journal, and the NY Times Bestseller, "The Nudist on the Lateshift."

He may or may not be the nudist. Read the book.

Created his first blog in 2001. Arguably the world's first Travelblog, VisorAdventure, Alan travelled 10,000 miles across the US using only a wireless Handspring PDA to document the trip.

In 2002 created the world's first book dedicated to blogs as literature. Published in 2004, Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers, was co-edited with Lucasfilm's Bonnie Burton and featured Wil Wheaton, Choire Sicha, Heather Armstrong, and many more.

Was one of the co-founders of the San Francisco Web Innovators (SFWIN) organization.

In the past 15 years, Alan has worked with Better Homes & Gardens, Paramount Pictures, Sonos,, Fiskars, Feedster, Apple, Sausage Software, ICentral, & Excite to name a few.

Alan is currently the Community Liaison for TreeHugger and Planet Green.

TreeHugger welcomes Alan Graham
Appeared in Macworld, MacAddict, and several O'Reilly books. Other