Treehugger TV: Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Today

It was 4 days ago that we officially launched Treehugger TV, and that went well. You guys & girls watched the episodes, sent positive feedback and encouraged us to continue, but something was missing. Treehugger TV needed a home. A corner of the web to call its own. So we decided to add a whole new wing, or branch if you will, to the Treehugger building to house this new project. Today is the grand opening and you can participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony by clicking (and bookmarking) this link: Treehugger TV.

Once you are inside, you will see that the episode list is on the right with short descriptions and still images. That's where you go to watch the shows, and as we add new ones each week, the list will grow. On the left side of the site you have instructions on how to subscribe to Treehugger TV via RSS and iTunes, making it easy to never miss an episode. The software used to play the videos is Quicktime, so if you are having difficulties, they can probably be fixed by downloading the most recent version.

Last but not least: tell your friends! Spread the word! The faster Treehugger TV takes off, the easier it is for us (and the great people at m_ss_ng p_eces) to keep producing more episodes for you. Enjoy. ::Treehugger TV