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The Carnival of the Green is a weekly blog phenomenon concieved of over pints of beer in London between Al Tepper and Nick Aster of TriplePundit almost five years ago. It travels from blog to blog every Monday. TreeHugger became Carnival central in 2006 and each week we will point you to the Carnival every time it rolls into town. If you're a blogger who likes to talk about green, then please sign up as a host!

Read on to find out where the carnival will be and to learn how to host:HOSTING CARNIVAL OF THE GREEN

To be considered as Carnival of the Green host please email kara (at) with the date (every Monday) you would like to host. Because many blogs come and go, please note that your blog MUST show an interest in the green community, in addition to being "live" for an extended period of time. We will review all requests and notify you if the date is available.

As host you will receive, just for Monday to Monday of your week, all email sent to the carnivalofgreen (at) email address.

It is up to you to make the Carnival of the Green happen each week. Do whatever you should be fun not stressful!


To submit a post for consideration to the Carnival of the Green (do not submit content - just a link to your post), please email carnivalofgreen (at) (Subject: Carnival of the Green submission) with the following info:

Post URL
Post Author
Post Summary


We recently announced that the Carnival of the Green will now include a Twitter section. You can still submit as normal via email, of course, but this new part of the Carnival will be called "Best Green Tweets." So, if you use Twitter and have a recent (i.e. in the last couple of weeks) green tweet that rocks make sure to read on to find out how you can submit to the Carnival each week and drive more viewers to your site.

It's simple: just tweet the link to the green tweet that you think rocks and use #bestgreentweets to get it included. Not all will make it in though so make it good and make it quick.

This Carnival is a summary, a digest, of the green blogosphere. When we say green we mean sustainability issues, etc. as opposed to plain old general Green Politics. Each host has the right to include whatever they wish and/or whatever they feel is worthy of being in the Carnival.

January 5th - Tao of Change
January 12th - Teensy Green
January 19th - SustainaBee
January 26th - Get With Green

February 2nd - Inspired Protagonist
February 9th - Lighter Footstep
February 16th - Reclaimed Home
February 23rd - My Zero Waste

March 2nd - Turning Transparent in a Green World
March 9th - The Natural Patriot
March 16th - The Enobling Journey
March 23rd - The Evangelical Ecologist
March 30th - Eco Joe's

April 6th - GreenDeals Daily
April 13th - Green Living Online
April 20th - Mother Nature Network
April 27th - Sustainable Group

May 4th - Go Green Travel Green
May 11th - Organic Mania
May 18th - Ethical Superstore
May 25th - The Green Phone Booth

June 1st - Green Building Elements
June 8th - ooffoo
June 15th - The Conservation Report
June 22nd - The Daily (Maybe)
June 29th - Conserve Plastic Bags

July 6th - Plant a Tree USA
July 13th - Kids Discover Nature
July 20th - Victoria Klein
July 27th - Greener Pastures

August 3rd - Humane Connection Blog
August 10th - Little Green Secrets
August 17th - The EcoChic
August 24th - Recycle Your Day
August 31st - EcoTech Daily

September 7th - Bean Sprouts
September 14th - Stream of Consciousness
September 21st - La Marguerite
September 28th - Lill's List

October 5th - Daily Tomorrow
October 12th - Agroblogger
October 19th - Reduce Your CO2
October 26th - Green Stocks Central

November 2nd - ooffoo
November 9th - Pure Natural Diva
November 16th - EcoSalon
November 23rd - Evangelical Ecologist
November 30th - Another Green Idea

December 7th - Pragmatic Environmentalism
December 14th - Daily Mitzvah
December 21st - Lighter Footstep
December 28th - Apartment Ecology
January 4th - Go Greener Australia
January 11th - Eco New Mexico
January 18th - EcoJoe's
January 25th - Enviroblog

February 1st - The Fun Times Guide to Living Green
February 8th - Super Natural Botanicals
February 15th - EcoStreet
February 22nd - Project Earth

March 1st - Ethical Superstore
March 8th - Fake Plastic Fish
March 15th - Love Eco
March 22nd - Shared Interest
March 29th - Green Promise

April 5th - ooffoo
April 12th - Green Ladywell
April 19th - Plant a Tree USA
April 26th - My Green Cleaner

May 3rd - Earth911
May 10th - Innovation Exchange
May 17th - Lighter Footstep
May 24th - Semiosis Communications
May 31st - Frugally Green

June 7th - Green Earth Journey
June 14th - Humane Connection
June 21st - EcoSalon
June 28th - Pure Natural Diva

July 5th - Deal Hippie
July 12th - The Tranquil Parent
July 19th - Elephant Journal
July 26th - Organic Taste

August 2nd - Richard Esser - Essayist of Human Ecology
August 9th - Available
August 16th - Available
August 23rd - Greening Families
August 30th - Pragmatic Environmentalism

September 6th - Available
September 13th - Available
September 20th - Available
September 27th - Available

October 4th - Retro Housewife Goes Green
October 11th - Available
October 18th - Pure Natural Diva
October 25th - Available

November 1st - ooffoo
November 8th - Green Pets Eco Living
November 15th - Available
November 22nd - Available
November 29th - Available

We will adding additional dates soon.

January 7th - E-Bike Blog
January 14th - Inventor Spot
January 21st - TREEconomist
January 28th - Evangelical Ecologist

February 4th - Tao of Change
February 11th - Mad Eejits
February 18th - The Greener Side
February 25th - The EcoLibertarian

March 3rd - Confessions of a Closet Environmentalist
March 10th - The Expatriate's Kitchen
March 17th - Natural Collection
March 24th - Victoria E
March 31st - Conserve Plastic Bags

April 7th - Agroblogger
April 14th - Nature Moms
April 21st - EcoTech Daily
April 28th - The Conservation Report

May 5th - Bean-Sprouts
May 12th - The Evangelical Ecologist
May 19th - TechnoVerde
May 26th - Little Green Secrets

June 2nd - Green Ladywell
June 9th - Blogfish
June 16th - Victoria E
June 23rd - How Ethical
June 30th - Two Hands Worldshop

July 7th - Greentime
July 14th - The AIDG Blog
July 21st - Blooms and Bees
July 28th - Allie's Green Answers

August 4th - Everyday Trash
August 11th - The Evangelical Ecologist
August 18th - Enviroblog
August 25th - Life Goggles

September 1st - Savvy Vegetarian
September 8th - Tiny Choices
September 15th - Walkable Neighborhoods
September 22nd - The Green Guy
September 29th - Closet Environmentalist

October 6th - Sustainablog
October 13th - Thoughts on Global Warming
October 20th - The Good Human
October 27th - Design 21

November 3rd - Real Central VA
November 10th - Natural Collection
November 17th - Fake Plastic Fish
November 24th - The Tranquil Parent

December 1st - Healthy Child
December 8th - Camphor
December 15th - The Christian Environmentalist
December 22nd - Lighter Footstep
December 29th - Ruscombe Green
Jan 1st - Happy New Year - No Carnival
Jan 8th - Hippy Shopper
Jan 15th - One/Change
Jan 22nd - Clay and Wattles
Jan 29th - Jetson Green

Feb 5th - Nonoscience
Feb 12th - Savvy Vegetarian
Feb 19th - Jen's Green Journal
Feb 26th - The Evangelical Ecologist

Mar 5th - The Business of America is Business
Mar 12th - Green Fertility
Mar 19th - The Goode Life
Mar 26th - Camden Kiwi

Apr 2nd - Sludgie
Apr 9th - Philobiblon
Apr 16th - Common Ground
Apr 23rd - The Evangelical Ecologist
Apr 30th - Enviropundit

May 7th - EcoWorrier
May 14th - Natural Collection
May 21st - EveryDay Trash
May 28th - Sustainablog

June 4th - Groxie
June 11th - Victoria E
June 18th - Enviroblog
June 25th - Dianovo

July 2nd - Bean-Sprouts
July 9th - The Ester Republic
July 16th - The AIDG Blog
July 23rd - Hippy Shopper
July 30th - Nicomachus

August 6th - Organic Researcher
August 13th - Miss Malaprop
August 20th - Green Options
August 27th - Greener Magazine

September 3rd - Organic Authority
September 10th - Camphor
September 17th - Green Style
September 24th - Karavans

October 1st - World is Green
October 8th - Planet on a Plate
October 15th - Ethical Junction
October 22nd - The Good Human
October 29th - Money and Values

November 5th - Natural Collection
November 12th - Playgreen
November 19th - Savvy Vegetarian
November 26th - Great Green Goods

December 3rd - Fake Plastic Fish
December 10th - Live Green
December 17th - Great Green Gadgets
December 24th - Seasons Greetings - No Carnival - Ho Ho Ho
Decmeber 31st - Happy New Year - No Carnival

Jan 2nd - Suhit Anantula
Jan 9th - Skye Creative
Jan 16th - Unplugged Living
Jan 23rd - The Ideal Bite
Jan 30th - Urban Eco

Feb 6th - Ecostreet
Feb 13th - Groovy Green
Feb 20th - Hip & Zen Pen
Feb 27th - The Naked Vegetarian

Mar 6th - EnviroPundit
Mar 13th - Dirty Greek
Mar 20th - BaloghBlog
Mar 27th - Greener Magazine

Apr 3rd - Green Thinkers
Apr 10th - Exuberant Pantaphobia
Apr 17th - Organic Authority
Apr 24th - The Evangelical Ecologist

May 1st - Spiral Visions
May 8th - Hippy Shopper
May 15th - EarthEcho International
May 22nd - Website Design and Promotion
May 29th - Animal Broadcast Network

June 5th - Dee's 'Dotes
June 12th - Science & Politics
June 19th - Savvy Vegetarian
June 26th - Jen's Green Journal

July 3rd - Head Way Youth
July 10th - The Ester Republic
July 17th - Powering Down
July 24th - Mykesweblog
July 31st - Treehugger

August 7th - City Hippy
August 14th - Camden Kiwi
August 21st - Frugal For Life
August 28th - The Disillusioned Kid

September 4th - LA Green Living
September 11th - Worsted Witch
September 18th - Karavans
September 25th - Ecostreet

October 2nd - Greener Miami
October 9th - EnviroPundit
October 16th - TotalTactics
October 23rd - How To Save The World
October 30th - Groovy Green

November 6th - CityHippy
November 13th - TriplePundit
November 20th - Organic Researcher
November 27th - Great Green Goods

December 4th - Urban Eco
December 11th - Organic Authority
December 18th - Cocolico
December 25th - Season's Greetings - No Carnival - Ho Ho Ho

Nov 7th - City Hippy
Nov 14th - TriplePundit
Nov 21st - Sustainablog
Nov 28th - Great Green Goods

Dec 5th - The Greener Side
Dec 12th - Jen's Green Journal
Dec 19th - Dee's 'Dotes
Dec 26th - Season's greetings - no carnival - Ho Ho Ho

Want to host the Carnival of the Green? Get in touch - To add yourself to the list of Carnival of the Green hosts please email us at kara (at)

TreeHugger to Bring You Carnival of the Green
The Carnival of the Green is a weekly blog phenomenon concieved of over pints of beer in London between Al Tepper and Nick Aster of TriplePundit almost five years ago. It travels from blog to blog every Monday. TreeHugger became Carnival central in