TreeHugger Tip: Search our Pictures


We think our search engine does a pretty good job of chasing down our archived material, but a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, so here's a handy tip for all of our visually-inclined readers. If you're shopping for some sustainable furniture or looking for that one cute outfit we posted last week but can't remember what it was called, run our info through Google's Image Search feature and feast your eyes on the results. It utilizes boolean expressions like AND, NOT & OR so you can specify exactly what you're after. It's super easy to look through our archives for something like clothing OR fashion or go after something more specific, like all of our pictures relating to Toyota's hybrids. Thinking about moving? Try prefab. Upgrading your kitchen? Look through our kitchen & dining images for ideas on gear or renovations. Have some time to kill? Wade through our extensive bamboo archives. Doing your own is as easy as clicking over to Google Images, typing in something like carpet OR rugs or bicycle OR bike or maybe footwear OR shoes and you'll be perusing our collection in no time. Have fun! ::Google Images via tipster Lascelles