TreeHugger Takes on Super Bowl 43 - Live Blog Tomorrow


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Ah, the Super Bowl. One of the great American celebrations of sport, music, and creative consumerism. It's all but a national holiday, and every year, half the country tunes in to catch the most expensive advertising in the world, the uber-elaborate half time show, and to occasionally check the score of some sort of athletic competition.

And tomorrow, TreeHugger will be presenting full, non-stop coverage of everything that's green (and probably more often, everything that isn't) about Super Bowl XLIII. Why should we bother? Let me count the ways. See, amidst all the bombastic fun, noisy exuberance, and alarming excess, we get a snapshot of America, too. Through the ads, we'll get an idea of what's important to Americans—or at least the advertising agencies' well-researched version of what is.

And this year, with a progressive new president elected on a platform promising a greater investment in alternative energy and the environment (among other things), it means we're likely going to see more green on the Super Bowl screen.

There may be more "green" focused ads this year than ever before, and more ads reflecting the downturn of the economy, and so forth. I'll be on hand to dissect the green ads, disgrace the greenwashers, and discuss anything and everything green and Super Bowl-related.

Stay tuned.

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