TreeHugger T-Shirts — Choose Your Slogan, Say It Loud And Say It Proud!


Roll up, Roll up! The TreeHugger T-shirt collection has arrived! Find our cool green T-Shirts at the TreeHugger Store on CafePress. Well actually they’re white, but you know what we mean! Made in the good ol’ US of A from organic cotton these are the latest must have accessory for any forward thinking enviro-fashionista… or in fact anyone who wears clothes. Yup, that’s the great thing about t-shirts they’re good for spring, summer, fall and winter and they go with everything! Nope these babies won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon. At $20 each they also make great gifts. Simple, classic and witty you can choose your favourite from a selection of TreeHugger slogans. It might be ‘Environmental Carpe Diem’ for the more spontaneous folk or ‘I Care About The Environment. There. I Said It’ for those more hesitant. For the more minimalist amongst you it could just be the simple TreeHugger logo. No don’t be shy now, there’s no point in being a closet TreeHugger, slap it on your chest so everyone can see! ::TreeHugger T-Shirts