TreeHugger Survey — It's a Win/Win Proposition

At TreeHugger we know that our readers are the coolest folks on Earth — but we can't be certain that potential sponsors will take our word on it, so we created a survey to get some "reader stats" to quantify said coolness factor. Readers that take a few minutes to respond to the online survey can enter to win an eco-fabulous T from Glo 4 Life and help TreeHugger remain one of the Web's premier sites for environmental living.If the mere term "advertising" gives you the heebie-jeebies, think about it this way: TreeHuggers are establishing a model that demonstrates how eco-conscious consumerism can drive a vital economy, as opposed to depleting it (as some less enlightened capitalists claim). Take for example our survey sponsor Glo 4 Life; this crew of fashion-savvy, tree-huggin' t-shirt designers use only fair-traded, organic cotton to produce textiles for shirts made by people paid a living wage. But you know, and we know, that this enterprise depends on advertising to a receptive audience in order to stay in business. When you answer our survey you confirm that advertisers like Glo 4 Life and American Apparel are making a wise choice to reach out to TreeHugger readers. [By Erin Oliver]