TreeHugger Readers' Edible Container Gardens (Slideshow)

wee hugger watermelon image

A Wee-Hugger enjoys watermelon. Credit: Susan Dyrud MacDonald

We asked for your edible container garden photos and received beautiful photos of Wee-Huggers enjoying the fruits of their labor, a rooftop vegetable garden monitored by a solar-powered webcam, recycled tires-turned-gardens growing every-veggie from acorn squash to jalapenos, a backyard container garden in Brooklyn, jam-packed with carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, and many more yummy fruits and veggies, from New York to New Mexico. We'll be asking for your backyard photos next, but before then, view our very first user-generated slideshow: Readers' Edible Container Gardens.

treehugger readers edible container gardens
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