TreeHugger Picks: Going Green at Work

Many of us spend as much (or more) time at work as we do in bed; as such, we think having a healthy, comfortable, sustainable workplace is as important as where you lay your head at night. For those of us who work in an office, here are some quick picks for creating a green office (and check out How to Green Your Work for more ideas and resources).


1) If you have papers to file, pencils to hold and a telephone to answer, you likely have a desk, too; we like Knú series of desks for an ultra-modern, sustainable center to work. If you're looking for a more simple spot to work, check out Legare's furniture that doesn't require tools for assembly.


2) Once you have a desk of your liking picked out, you'll need a place to sit; we've seen a whole bunch that are pretty good when it comes to green comfort, but it's tough to beat Steelcase's Think chair or the Zody chair by Haworth when it comes to ergonomics and lifecycle design principles.


3) The Mix Lamp from Luceplan is a stylish integration of LED lighting for the work space. Delivering "an intense warm and pleasing light," the Mix has a 50,000 hour life, and its LED Chip on Board technology only drinks up 5 watts of power. White light not for you? The color of light can also be changed with an integrated filter. The remaining two picks are after the jump...


4) To keep control of your work climate, check out Herman Miller's C2, which acts as an air filter, uses only 1.5 amps of power, yet can allow users to adjust the surrounding temperature up to a 40 degree increase, and an 8 degree decrease. Ahh....

5) Lastly, once you're ready to work green, but need some printer cartridges, recycled office paper and rechargeable batteries for your calculator, click on over to The Green Office, who has just about everything you'll need when it comes to green office supplies; they also offer an office footprint calculator, sustainability calculator and a database of recyclers.