TreeHugger Nominated for Blog of the Year and Best Topical Blog! Please Vote!

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Dear readers,
TreeHugger blushes...We are honored and thankful for having been nominated by y'all for not only the Best Topical Blog but...Best Blog of the Year!!! At the risk of pushing our luck, we'd love to ask you to take a minute and vote for us. We didn't make it to the winner's circle last year, but maybe, just maybe with your help we can this year!

4 Easy Steps:

1) hit

2) 2/3 down page under "best topical weblog",
click the long sausage button underneath the TreeHugger graphic

3) At the very bottom of page under "weblog of the year",
click the long sausage button underneath the TreeHugger graphic.

4) unless going for bonus points (see below), at the very bottom
of page, input your email address and hit "submit your nominations!".

Bonus points: Take our nepotistic suggestions below and vote for our talented pals.

best european weblog: We Make Money Not Art
best craft weblog: Make
best food weblog: Apartment Therapy
best entertainment: Gawker
best weblog about politics: Wonkette
best web dev weblog: ProBlogger
best computers or tech: Gizmodo
best group weblog: WorldChanging
best community weblog: Digg
lifetime achievement: Boing Boing

Thanks very much for your support!
Team TreeHugger