TreeHugger Nominated for Best Topical Blog and Best Group Blog -- Please Vote! [Updated]


[Last day to vote! This post will stay on top of the frontpage for the day. -Ed.] TreeHugger is honored to be nominated for a couple 2007 Bloggie Awards -- a huge thank you to everyone who nominated us! We've been nominated as Best Topical Blog and Best Group Blog this year, and we'd love your support to get to the winner's circle for the first time. Click on over to; about 3/4 of the way down the page you'll find the Best Topical category, and Best Group is five categories down from there. Along the way, we encourage you to vote for our pals at Gizmodo & Lifehacker (who we're up against for Group Blog -- may the best blog win!), as well as any other favorites you see on the list. Voting will be open until next Friday, February 2, at 10:00 PM EST; as before, please be sure to confirm your ballot via email, and vote wisely, because you only get one crack at it. The winners will be posted on Monday, March 12; we've got our fingers crossed! Thanks again for your amazing support!Update: TreeHugger is nominated in Best Topical Blog and Best Group Blog and we'd really appreciate your vote in those categories.



If you're looking for suggestions in other categories, here are some blogs we like:

Best American Weblog: Gizmodo.

Best Craft Weblog: Design*Sponge or Make Blog.

Best Web Development Weblog: Copyblogger or ProBlogger.

Best Computers or Technology Weblog: Gizmodo or LifeHacker.

Best Writing of a Weblog: Gizmodo (they are everywhere this year!).

Best Community Weblog: MetaFilter or Digg.

Best-Designed Weblog: Gizmodo (told you...).

Weblog of the Year: LifeHacker... or Gizmodo.

Update: Also nominated in Best Group Weblog are our friends at The Gothamist. Nothing like a little friendly competition!