TreeHugger newsletters hit 100,000 subscribers

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For at least ten years, I have been getting up early every morning to assemble the TreeHugger newsletter – a daily edition on weekdays and a weekly on Saturday. It is actually my favourite task all day; I get to read what everyone wrote the day before, scan the comments to see what readers thought of it, and then try to put some positive or funny spin on it because nobody wants bad news first thing in the morning.

One measure of the success of a website is the number of people who click on and read stories, so the newsletter is published as an entry point to the site for people who don't get here in the more traditional ways; in a world where the majority of our readers now use phones instead of computers, sites like ours, that are sponsor- and advertiser- supported, need all the help they can get.

That's why every morning I look at the statistics, how many subscribed, how many opened the newsletter, how many clicked through to a story, how many unsubscribed. It's an obsession.

And that's why reaching a hundred thousand subscribers to our newsletters is such a big deal. That's why the growth from 30,000 subscribers when I started to 100K today is so exciting. It's because readers are making the choice to subscribe, are reading our stories, and are sticking with us.

So I want to thank our writers for giving me so much good stuff to work with, Mailchimp for making newsletters easy, our managing editor Melissa (who stepped in as newsletter editor when my wife demanded I leave my computer at home when we took a vacation), and Emily and everyone at our parent company, the Narrative Content Group.

But most of all, I want to thank you, our readers, for your continuing support. And if you haven't already, sign up for our Newsletter here.

The Daily is a recap of the stories from the previous day; the Weekly is really built by readers. I take the most popular stories in each Daily Newsletter and compile them on Saturday, sort of a People's Choice. And keep reading TreeHugger!

TreeHugger newsletters hit 100,000 subscribers
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