TreeHugger Launches a New Blog with Sundance Channel


TreeHugger is really excited to announce the launch of our new blog over at the Sundance Channel's beautiful new website. In support of the network's newest franchise, THE GREEN (something we mentioned here and here), and the mini-site that will accompany it (scheduled to launch later this month, on March 26. Stay tuned for more info!), the blog will be updated daily and will feature a mix of exclusive and shared posts that examine all things green, from design and architecture to eco-friendly products to grassroots activism. So far, during the first week, we've been busy laying the foundation, giving the blog's visitors an idea about what to expect, and explaining what's so great about bamboo, why we like biodiesel, what FSC-certified means, and why breathing VOCs isn't a good thing; starting next week, we'll being covering some more specific topics that put the ideas we've been mentioning to work. Stay tuned for more great stuff from Sundance Channel and THE GREEN, and check out the new blog for more green. ::TreeHugger's blog at Sundance Channel