TreeHugger is Looking for Expert Correspondents (paid).


TreeHugger wants to cross-pollinate the globe with green. We´d love to get passionate, talented, driven writers that are experts in in various fields to highlight the latest in green (see below for a list of what we're looking for). Sound like you or someone you know? We are also offering a $200 referral reward if you connect us with a successful long-term hire! First and foremost, we are looking for knowledgeable and passionate people. If you're not obsessed with green, please don't bother applying. We also require good writing skills, an interesting voice, some computer skills (image editing & compression, blogging software basics, nothing too complicated) and a sensitive BS detector. You also need to know what is happening in your field of expertise, be able to select the most interesting stories and write articles that are easy to understand for non-experts but also make knowledgeable people go "he/she knows he he's/she's talking about!". Ideally, you would be able to do a little on-the-ground journalism (with a digital camera).

We are looking for people who can write a minimum of 4 posts per week. (there can be exceptions in certain fields where there is simply less happening) It has to be quantity and quality. Writers are required to make post commitments and keep them. Please do not underestimate the amount of work that writing for TreeHugger can represent. We need commited people with lots of energy...we´ve got a green revolution to support!

You´d be joining a global team of over 40 people. Awesome and talented individuals from extremely varied backgrounds and nationalities united together in helping to push sustainability mainstream. TreeHugger reaches millions of people so your impact can be seen statistically and anecdotally. It´s truly a job that makes a difference.

Fields of expertise that we are interested in:

  • Life cycle analyst

  • Product designer

  • Green car expert

  • Climate scientist

  • Eco-celebrity coverage

  • Architecture

  • Eco Fashion + Beauty

  • Food

  • Biology

  • Electronics, computers, technology expert

  • Economist (who can apply economic theory to green issues)

  • Statistician (who can find and interpret green-related stats from various sources)

  • Green DIY expert

  • MBA

  • Manufacturer (who can explain green issues in that domain)

Want the job? Here's *exactly* what we´d like you to do. This will help us go through a lot of applications in an efficient manner.

1) Send an email with the following subject line: "TH Writer Hunt: *Area of Expertise*"

Please don't send emails with other subject lines than this one (well, of course you need to replace the end of the subject line with your specific info). Try to keep your email structured and concise.

2) Introduce yourself: Short paragraph including name, location, anything relevant.

3) Tell us which topic(s) you think you could cover for us and why (past experience? do you work in that field? are you just very passionate and read 150 RSS feeds and websites about it each day? any insider connections?)

4) Tell us how computer-savvy you are; Have you ever blogged? Do you know basic HTML? Do you know how to edit pictures (resize, compress)? This isn't critical but you will need to learn if you don't already.

5) Please send three writing samples (links are preferred over attachments, if possible). If you do not have published writing samples, please include a sample post in the body of your email about something green that you think would make a good fit on TreeHugger.

6) Send us links to 3 things you think would be good on TreeHugger with a one liner as to why.

The email address is: writer.hunt at (replace the "at" with "@")


We're giving a $200 referral reward (paid via Paypal) to anyone who sends our way a good writer that we take on board and keep (there's a tryout period). If you know someone who would be a great TreeHugger writer, let him/her know about us!

That's it! We're looking forward to hearing from you. And if you don't hear from us immediately, that's normal... It's going to take a bit of time to read everything and get back to everyone. Thanks for your time.