TreeHugger Deals: Have a Green Halloween with YummyEarth


Welcome to our new "TreeHugger Deals" column, which will run every Tuesday and is exclusively for TreeHugger readers. TreeHugger never receives any monetary compensation or proceeds through these promotions.

This week's TreeHugger Deals comes to you from YummyEarth, a company that is hoping to make your Halloween (and your trick-or-treaters') green and healthy. We love YummyEarth - their lollipops in 14 flavors are organic and use natural ingredients, like purple carrots and red cabbage, to simulate the blush of a berry or the pink flesh of a watermelon.

From now until October 31, 2008, TreeHugger readers will get 20% off their order of $25 or more, plus free shipping - just in time for Halloween! Coupon code: treehugger. YummyEarthMore on Halloween candy:
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