TreeHugger Comments Now Powered By Facebook

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Image: screenshot of commenting widget here.

Today, we are launching a new commenting system here on TreeHugger and this post will introduce you to the new features, explain the reasons for the change and hopefully answer any questions you might have about the new system.Powered by Facebook, the new commenting widget is now live on new articles and should be working on all of our stories very soon.

How to Login To Leave a Comment
First things first, in order to comment on one of our posts you will have to login using your account from either Facebook or Yahoo. This is similar to our previous comment platform, Disqus, except we no longer allow comments from users that are not logged-in in some way. Other login options, such as OpenID, Twitter and Google were reportedly in negotiations with Facebook, but have not yet agreed on how to work together. If those options become available, we'll update our system to include those.

Comments and Community
Since we've been using Facebook more, we've found some of the best discussions about our content and the issues we cover has taken place on our Facebook page. Because the participants there are commenting with their real names, the temptation to write rude or hateful comments seems to be reduced. We think this new system will help encourage more people to use their real names and hopefully lead to more positive discussions.

How Comments Can Integrate With Facebook
Facebook continues to grow as a place millions of people are not only finding and sharing information, but also as a tool for day-to-day communication. We've enjoyed using our Facebook page to share stories and have conversations with our readers, so we hope the new commenting system will help encourage even more discussions.

So you might be wondering, how the new comments work with Facebook. If you are logged in using your Facebook account, when you leave a comment on a TreeHugger post you will have the option to share that comment and a link to the story with your News Feed. This will allow your Facebook friends to see that you commented on the story and click on the link to visit the post on our site. We hope this will be a fun way for you to bring your friends into the conversation here on TreeHugger. After you leave a comment, your Facebook friend will also be able to reply to your comment within Facebook and their comment will show up here on TreeHugger, as well.

Note: If you're not a Facebook user, your comments will not show up on

What Will Happen to the Old Comments?
Since we wanted to keep the great comments you've left over the years, we've relocated previous conversations below the new Facebook comments widget.

Questions & Feedback
We welcome your feedback, so if you have any questions about the new system, please share those in the comments below or if you'd like to contact us without leaving a comment, you can email us at comments at