TreeHugger Book Hits Shelves, Staffer Falls in Love


Disclaimer: I’m TreeHugger’s Editorial Assistant. I love the website. So yes, I’m partial.

If TreeHugger were a guy he’d be my match made in heaven; smart, sleek, idealist, good-looking and of course, green. Though, if there were one trait I could change (yes, I know—you can never really change someone), it would be his scattered, mysterious sort of ways. When I wish for him to make me a better, greener person, I have to dig deep into his computer soul, penetrating the bottomless archive, searching for meaning in his tiny little search box. With my busy schedule, sometimes I want green on my terms—whenever, wherever. And yes, sometimes even in bed.

Today it’s possible. All of the delicious eco-bits and pieces have been culled together in one comprehensive place—TreeHugger’s hot-off-the-press book, Ready, Set. Green: Eight Weeks to Modern Eco-Living. Founder, Graham Hill and Editor-In-Chief, Meaghan O’Neill lay down the steps to a low-impact life without just listing off tips. They debunk common eco-myths and provide handy tools and resources to make going green, easy.

While TreeHugger will always remain my steady, green beau—it’ll be nice having the book by my (bed)side.

Buy Ready, Set, Green at Amazon today!

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