TreeHugger and DISQUS: Make Your Voice Heard!

Greetings Commenters!

One of the things we like most about TreeHugger is having frank and open discussions regarding the issues that we cover. We like to publish differing opinions and have heated debates, but we've found in the past that the amount of spam we received, plus the comments that were less than civil, required a fair amount of moderation, which often stymied discussion when the iron was hot.

To fix that we've recently switched from our old commenting system to a new platform called Disqus. Our new commenting platform allows all comments to go right through and skip moderation, which means that we rely on our audience more than ever to ensure they post comments which are civil and add to the discussion.

If you see a comment that is rude, not topical, or perhaps might be spam, please take a moment to flag that comment. Flagged comments go into moderation, where we will then review them. However, just because a commentor may disagree with your stance on things, doesn't mean you should just flag it.

*One caveat is if your comment has a URL in it, it will automatically go into moderation, so keep in mind that may slow publishing your comment.