Today on Planet Green


:: Old coffee grounds can clog up the works of your manual or electric grinder, making it run less efficiently. Find out how you can clean your grinder in a few seconds.

:: Brown-bagging it to work will save you a wad. To find out how much exactly, punch in some numbers into this new Web tool.

:: Warm your hearts and stomachs with this red lentil coconut curry with cabbage.

:: Bring elegance back to the dining table, and save some trees while you're at it.

:: Find out how you can share your love of gardening and fresh produce with your kids, without boring them.

:: How much does fuel cost in Wichita, Kansas? View U.S. gas prices all across the country at a glance.

:: Discover how can help Google make mass transit easy for everyone.

:: Can a disposable diaper be considered "green"?

:: In this guest post, Erin Doland, editor-in-chief of the home and office organization blog, shows us how we can use Post-it-style reminders, without creating unnecessary waste.

:: If you have to travel, make your trip an eco-friendly one.

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