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:: It's T-1 days to Valentine's Day. Learn what last-minute lovebirds should look for in their chocolatey expressions of amore.

:: Check out Summer Rayne Oake's new column on Planet Green. In our first installment, she dishes on V-day gifts.

:: Find out how to triple your refrigerator's lifespan in three easy steps.

:: Call it Netflix for the toddler set: Did you know you can now rent toys for your kids?

:: Instead of choosing the tried-and-trite route of chocolates and flowers, why not kiss hunger goodbye this Valentine's Day?

:: Kelly's on a gastronomic roll with part three of her Valentine's dinner extravaganza.

:: Last minute Valentine's Day gift: Turn a used wine bottle into an expression of your love.

:: You can use the salt shaker in your spice rack for much more than just seasoning. Discover this condiment's multitasking talents.

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