Today on Planet Green


:: Here's a cancer-fighting food you may not be aware of: Seaweed.

:: Forget the fancy vacations. Save money by becoming a tourist in your own hometown.

:: Left with a box full of crayon stubs? Learn how to make them as good as new.

:: Find out what you can do to make your freshly baked cupcakes a treat for the planet, too.

:: Discover how to turn a broken CD- or DVD-ROM drive into a USB-powered cooling fan.

:: If you have an oversize sweater lurking at the back of your closet because it makes you feel frumpy, you'll want to check out this tip.

:: Recycle your old clothes with Patagonia.

:: Instead of letting it sit in a landfill somewhere, consider composting your pets' No. 2.

:: Collin walks us through deciphering those incomprehensible ingredient lists.

:: Save some cash by making your own fruit-and-veggie wash.