Today on Planet Green


:: Teach your tiny tykes to love their veggies by knitting them a dish of greens.

:: Here's a quick tip for remembering to take your lunch to work in the morning.

:: In 2006, the ASPCA fielded more than 116,000 calls to its poison-control hotline, several of which involved seemingly innocuous household items. Learn how to maintain a poison-free home for your kitties and pooches.

:: The cheapskate's guide to celebrating Valentine's Day.

:: Discover why you should think twice before you flip the garbage-disposal switch.

:: Don't have $55 to spring for an Earth Box? Find out how to make your own self-watering container garden.

:: How should you spend the rebate money you're getting from Uncle Sam? Lloyd sheds some light on the matter.

:: Make a paper-recycling bin that you can easily tote to the curb on recycling day.

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