Today on Planet Green


:: Don't discard leftover bubbly—use it to make vinegar. Find out how.

:: Here's another creative way to reuse an old pillowcase: Turn it into a dress for a little girl.

:: Make this pore-shrinking, face-firming mask that will make you feel like you've just had a mini-face-lift.

:: Learn how to quit smoking and improve your health through food.

:: Get the goods on what the author of The Secret History of the War on Cancer does to reduce her risk of cancer.

:: Discover an easy, cost-free way of dealing with amassing souvenirs.

:: Here's another cancer-busting superfood: Flax seeds. Learn how to prepare it and what you can eat it with.

:: Still clinging to your plastic wrap? Find out why you should give it the boot, for good.

:: Give your tired, old lampshade a makeover with one of these quick and easy lampshade projects.

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